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  1. My biggest worry was the lack of gloves. Those nails are always popping up in places and can you imagine the bacteria that went under those nails? Ugh! Other than that it was a decent removable or cyst pop. Don't know if you actually removed it.

  2. what yer gonna try to charge people to pop their cyst? yeah right, do you know how many people watch these videos on youtube? if someone had a cyst, they would pay them to get the chance to pop it!
    I'm telling you that would be a goldmine, get a chance to pop a real life cyst!!

  3. Why did you quit filming? If you had just squeezed the rest of the "cheese" out, the sac would have come out easier! Griefy.. this was good until the end… disappointing… and the camera person should have concentrated on filming then commented when they watched it. Thanks for posting though. One of the better ones!

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