1. Quotable Icke: "It's Twin Towers; that's what it is!" alluding to Westminster Abbey, whose erection began in 1245, only about 700 years before NYC's sister skyscrapers ever saw sunlight in the 1970s.

    Or, "Another sun! (Therefore) It's a cult!" The whole world must be a cult then since there is a real sun we ORBIT around.

    How about one more? "So that's the home of the Knights of Malta … Smoke and mirrors … there's a lot more deeper symbolism than that there … Oh, that's a flashy car; that's somebody there!" Thus encapsulating the overt ADHD wild-eyed shallowness of his so-called symbolism.

  2. I 'been study for 3 years with the jesuits…..you are simply alucinating……bla bla bla,
    chatolic church is made by men , but was created by God …..you don't even believe in Christ   David how you dare judge christianism and the church of the allmighy the universal chatolic church?….try to be more humble….you know nothing about this stuff…..we don't pretend to be perfect , we are all sinners but we "call" sin by his very name…..we are Not as the protestant that justify their sin with the bible…..

  3. why do you have cathoilc priest in jali for money launding
    did you nor here david icke and jordan maxwell and
    moorish science temple and elijah muhammad
    and dr york all say the cathoilc church is the church of pagan roma
    you have christian that say the rome cathoilc church
    look up martin luther he exposed the cathoilc church a long time

  4. look up The Vatican, the P2 Masonic Lodge, and the Mafia
    and you cathoilc jesuit are behind the new world order
    of pagan roma and the roman solders killed jesus
    and the some roma solders made the cathoilc church
    the ethiopian church is way older and the real one not the roma
    pagan church of roma

  5. no you are a cathoilc priest cathoilc priest
    rape boys and cathoilc priest you have cathoilc priest
    in jail for money laundering and the cathoilc church is not a
    christian church is a rome pagan cult of babylon
    real christian are not cathoilc cathoilc church of pagan roma
    and the knight of matla or a mafia

  6. and clearly your a JEW. lol Jews hate christians.. why they blame them for everything bad that happens in the world.. THis is exactly what Jews did in Jesus times.. blamed Jesus for inciting violence and then he was killed for this claims.

  7. The sovereign military order of Malta is the smallest sovereign nation in the world and protectors to the Jesuit order, high members such as Queen Elizebeth of GB, King Carlos of Spain control the empires for the order, they either invented or have infiltrated freemasonry, Christianity, Islam, The world bank, The IMF, The bank for international settlements, The Euro (currency), Bilderberg group, Council on foreign relations, The knights, gaters and heads of all the sovereign nations in Europe

  8. The Vatican is the oldest power bloc in existence. Regardless, Zionism is simply the belief that modern-day Israel has a right to the land of Palestine based upon the promises of Yahweh in the OT. Thus, at least ostensibly, it is a Jewish movement. The truth is, the NWO are Luciferians, not Jews who worship Yahweh (as Albert Pike notes).

    So, Zionism was simply an excuse for the NWO to gain a foothold in the MIddle East for resources. It has zero to do with Judaism or the NWO.

  9. The Catholic Church is wealthy beyond belief..but Christianity is the ENEMY of Judiasm..a house divided against itself cant stand..Catholic Jesuits dont control the FED,media and politicians through AIPAC..if Catholics really ran the world why would the pedofile scandal be uncovered??..I believe this JESUIT conspiracy is disinformation..its a crappy attempt to divert attention away from the ZIONIST agenda.It is they who control..and they HATE CHRISTIANITY..so would they share power?OBVIOUSLY NOT

  10. Well Just received an email about this. To criticise what I said. From David Too! saying I am a Son of God as we all are. No problem with that, Dear David Said I am THE Son of God. Subtle difference. Do not Judge me as to my facts. Actually I like David Icke, so whoever responded to my feedback is an Idiot to accuse me of thinking of Davids views as empty. In fact you are an arsehole that David does not need. Go back to School and learn your Language again before posting comments, Dickhead.

  11. Dear David,
    How is it possible to be a Goal Keeper for Hereford United and then presenting a sports programme and claim to be the Son Of God. I enjoy your investigations, however please do not claim to be the son of god and say silly things about Lizzards.

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