David Icke: (UN)Covering the Jesuits?

David Icke: Jesuit Agent ?
You call that exposing the jesuits Mr Icke ?
books like ‘the secret history of the jesuits’ by Edmond Paris,
‘Rulers of Evil’ by Tupper Saussy and even ‘Vatican assassins – wounded in
the house of my friends’ by Eric Jon Phelps, ’50 years in the church of
rome’ by Charles Chiniqui and doing lectures about the vatican / jesuit NWO
i call educating people. Take a look at this for example, these people
really expose them: Jörg Glismanns radio show:
The Jesuits: De-Rooting The Reformation
Weekly Radio show, 45 minutes, The jesuit connection to 1776:
exposing this is real truth: We are all Jesuits
Herman van Rompuy EU President and Pope Francis both Jesuits
Herman van Rompuy and Pope Francis both Jesuits
This little video David Icke Made is ridiculous and he knows it, because if
he would really go on exposing the vatican/ jesuit NWO in all it’s facettes
he’d loose followers hes dumbing down with misinfo and disinfo You believe
a guy who teaches the moon is a hollow space station that controls the
minds of people on earth, Blindly Go along. Otherwise i can give you a load
of information where you can see for yourself into this subject. Ending on
David Icke with this:
David Icke debunked:
Cointelpro CIA Controlled Opposition Forum AboveTopSecret


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  1. Mate, it sounds like your just another Brit who is jealous of Icke's success. Your thesis here is shallow and unsound. You should be supporting your comrades in arms, not slandering them. Seems to me your doing the jesuitical propaganda a great service. @Wake up!

  2. You are unclear. Please let's see your face. What are you talking about. He is exposing the Jesuits. What more do u want. David Ickes' thing is quantum physics. I think you are trying to discredit Maxwell and Icke. You are not doing a god job. You are not doing any explaining yourself. You want us to do research. You are a fake. David Icke talks mostly about quantum physics. SHOW YOUR FACES!!

  3. The Jesuits,SWITZERLAND, knights of Malta,knights of Columbus,The Vatican, the tri lateral commission', council on foreign relations, opus dei, David icke is good at 'connecting the dots',let him connect these fucking dots!!ASSHOLE!!(Not you Alan,I mean David icke)

  4. First observation;Icke seemed a little nervous to begin with being there,and at one point,fearful;with the car being mentioned,and the camera on the man looking on in his direction,with the back door opened of the car.Video over on those grounds of State….Picks up again to compare it to London's…State district;which they don't openly come out to say either;much like David Icke didn't openly mention what could have been said;….one web..,and not one web in itself overlapping a world wide one….So ya;possibly,or even fearfully,unknowingly an agent,not wanting to say too much. 

  5. Sorry Alan but I thought you might want to address this issue at about 7:10 because the picture of the priest comes up at the exact time you introduce your self, I didn't think it was you as I had seen your pictures before but those who have not might be confused..just thought you might want to revise this section. I meant you no frustration by bringing this to your attention. john

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