July 5th 2015 | David Suzuki caught off guard on the topic of geo-engineering at the Climate March for Justice and Jobs featuring Ontario Geo-Engineering Action Group and Bye Bye Blue Sky raising awareness of aerosol spraying.
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDsUIuy8GSs

This is the most important topic on our Flat Earth. We won’t be able to do anything if we don’t have our health!
The true depopulation agenda is in full effect.


12 Replies to “David Suzuki admits Geoengineering – Depopulation on our Flat Earth # Chemtrails”

  1. To better understand what is going on in the skies I learn.. It was in the late 1950's when jet passenger service was 1st introduced (707 and DC-8). So it stands to reason there were no C-trails prior to that. Do your research on cloud nucleation, the growth of jet passenger service filling the skies to capacity, the increased number of airports, the size and design of the jet engines and the fuel mixtures, the altitude the planes have to fly now so they are not crashing into each other…all the above, plus much more, helps to explains much of what we see. And yes, geo-engineering is real but NOT as portrayed by the alarmist.

  2. climate change, weather havoc=chem trails……. massive spraying of chem trails worldwide=dementia and early death they dont want us seeing retirement age and all the milliennials will be getting dementia in their 40,s and 50,s in the future maybe even earlier mark my words

  3. They have been paid their whole careers to put front and center the narrative of the satanic ball earth and now geoengineering fiasco that has been making millions sick, droughts throughout our country and blocking the wonders of our God created skies. These people will never admit they were wrong and they are told to walk away. If they told us the real story, and some of us already know, they would be killed. They were made famous by contract of the evil one. They start telling the real truth, (they are hiding God almighty) and they die! That's it, nothing more to it.

  4. I grew up watching him here in Canada and read some of his books. So disappointing to see he is reinforcing the mainstream narrative and always has, he had become a tool for deception and has too much invested to ever concede. Canada's Bill Nye really. ✌☝

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