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“APOC’ALYPSE, noun apoc’alyps. [Gr. from to disclose; and to cover.]

Revelation; discovery; disclosure. The name of a book of the New Testament, containing many discoveries or predictions respecting the future state of Christianity, written by St. John, in Patmos, near the close of the first century.”

The Apocalypse has been occurring since March 12th 2013 when Pope Benedict XVI discovered, revealed and disclosed the Lord Jesus Christ is indeed back in the person of Yahweh-Jesus Brian Leonard Golightly-Marshall, the most royal man on the earth the descendant of King William I the Lion King of Scotland who was the King of Judah …the Antichrist is Francis a (((Jesuit Jew))) who refused to believe and denied the Christ and Benedict’s findings in spite of the evidence placed before him on March 23rd 2013 at Castelgandolfo, he rejected and so stands in opposition to the Christ making him the Antichrist.

The wars and death and sickness and hopelessness of billions has continued as Francis has censored the news that will bring peace to the nations once the leaders of the nations follow the counsel of the Christ to eradicate evil from the earth the (((Synagogue of Satan))) the Protocols of the Elders of Zion operating behind the scenes pitting Muslim against Christian fueling the war predicted by Albert Pike a Freemason member of the (((Synagogue of Satan))).

The link to the letter written by Pope Benedict XVI announcing who the Christ is to the world…..Roman Pontiff Emeritus Benedict XVI Apostolic Letter download and share – https://www.dropbox.com/s/wrch9lj4at43dj9/Roman%20Pontiff%20Emeritus%20Benedict%20XVI%20Apostolic%20Letter%20Signed.pdf?dl=0

Vatican III – https://www.dropbox.com/s/gsb3x815qd4g0zv/Vatican%20III.pdf?dl=0


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  1. It sickens me more than words could ever express of the Realization of this world that I have been trying to live in. The Truth is worse than any nightmare in my opinion and what's really Tragic is being alone with the knowledge and nobody to turn to in this unkind and Monsterous world we live in. I pray to Yahweh Jesus Christ who's name is Brian Leonard Marshall Golightly our Kings and Prince of Peace our Comforter that I'm protected for I'm uneasy and scared and in great need of your Love and comfort. I Love You Amen.

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