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  1. Ive listened to your "Inspiration and Preservation" audio file. You talked about words being refered as masculine or feminine genders in other languages. In German we also use "Der, die, das" and not only "the" like in English. "Der" is masculine, "Die" feminine and "Das" is neutral. But it often makes no sense how its used, for example a wall is "Die Wand (The wall)" feminine where it really should be "Das". I suppose this can be quite confusing for people learning the language.

    Not that this info was really important or anything, I just wanted to add this as little reference.

  2. Beautiful teaching, as always. Pastor, where I'm from, there's a strong Calvinist movement, no dispensational church nor movement here. Should I still make an effort in being part of their church?

  3. Hi, i work right down the street from where you meet. Ive been to the main church many times and our churches partnered up for some worship events. Your teaching is very refreshing and all you have to do is open utbe and bam all your subjects you can preach against. 🙂 I think ive played about 15 vids while im working at my desk just listen on ear phones. Funny i had to go through utbe to find you. I have a couple of very important questions but i need to search your vids because you may have done it already.

  4. Hello, I've been watching your videos lately and find them extremely helpful and eye opening. I just finished watching the one where you talk about the best translation of the bible KJV. So, I downloaded it on kindle. It came with a warning that the translation changed names. Ex. Jesus is really Yehoshua. The bible says to make his name known and proclaim it. "Hallowed be they name." So I was praying to a false name? 🙁 I would like your take on this. Thank you! 🙏

  5. Great teaching brother Kim great teaching. It's very important to keep an open mind and an open heart and like you said don't judge. The Lord revealed you to me while I was studying some other pastors. Your video popped up I watched it and I was hooked. In the heart that is. And that's the way it's supposed to be. I knew that you were right and what you were teaching somehow I knew. God bless you all

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