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Virtual Reality – Mental Control
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Neodammerung (Album Version) – Don Davis
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From the Illuminati & Dajjal Series:
The Illuminati & Dajjal Part 25 (A Zionist World)

Music courtesy of Chris Zabriskie
Jewish Speaks out against Zionism Full Video:

10 Facts You must know about the Jesuits
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Illuminati Birth of the Anti-Christ by R$E

Documentary: Are the Illuminati Real? -Exposing the Jesuit Order of the Black Sun
Origin of the Illuminati, who are the Illuminati?, Don Inigo de Loyola, Ignatius loyola,what is zionism?, history of the Jesuits, Natural Law,


4 Replies to “Documentary: Are the Illuminati Real? -Exposing the Jesuit Order”

  1. This was very good and so much other information you have added below. thank you so much. I watched Johnny Cirucci. He has some awesome video's about this same subject. Thanks for sharing. Have a blessed day.

  2. Thank you for this great video!!Keep giving the Good Fight!You might want to also research about Sabbatai Zvi , Jacob Franc and the infamous Donmeh Cult.Turkey is playing a VERY filthy role in all this.Ataturk was seed of Sabbatai Zvi.This goes all the way back to Babylon,Phoenicea and Edom.They are not even Judaic people these zionists.Blessings from Ellas (Greece)

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