a short and good video straight to the point by adam 1984 showing how Donald Trump is controlled by the pope and is not bucking or standing up to any system. Most Americans are fooled by this guy and do not realize that with him bringing us back to GOD it will lead to a church and state union and you can say bye bye to the first amendment and your free speech.


6 Replies to “Donald Trump ~ A Puppet for the Jesuits of Rome”

  1. After all the Catholic priest Pedophilia going on throughout the ages, which went on unpunished for way too long, ~ people would be nuts to go near that religion ever again (imo)! And Trump is evil to back a religion like that.

  2. Just want you to know since you must be blind, don't you see God's hand in the election of Donald Trump? When it's all said and done know man will get the credit. He's working for God.

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