Donald J. Trump … the anti-establishment hero, chosen by the establishment. Trump has major ties to insider banking elites in New York, and is indisputably trained by the Jesuits. This means that the (s)elections in the United States, the Republican / Democrat deception, is only about the illusion of choice. Rome has been ruling undercover (through banking) for some 150 years. The Rothschilds just “guard” the Papal Treasure, they don’t own the treasure. They are high paid international money launderers. The Jesuits and the Papacy rule America through high level freemasonry via the American arm of The Knights of Malta called the Knights of Colombus and they rule through the Cardinal Provincial system that breaks America up into 10 districts. A large portion of this presentation is by Walter Veith, of DiscoverMinistriesAfrica on youtube, the rest is by me. An extra point, check out Henry Makow of late, he’s saying “flat earth is a psyop” because it derails the racist-bigot trap of ‘it’s the jews’… There is a large “anti-semite” trap that he pushes that destroys any real conversation around these topics because it terrifies the brainwashed public, they have a trauma -based reaction to the words ‘jew’ – “holocaust” – 9/11 – israel – palestine … while it’s true there is a major faction that is in ties with the jesuits which they utilize in america heavily, they’ve also simultaneously pushed a huge psychic ww2 brainwash about offending jewish peoples. By controlling all 3 of the big religions of the book, and any subsidiary churches through ecumenism, and by controlling the U.S/China/Russia world war scare tactic/reality (because they ‘spark” the wars and drive them falsely, thus they are able to play us ALL like fiddles. Its a Hegelian TRI-alectic, or multi-alectic, they balance many delicate issues that trigger huge portions of the population, (anywhere in the world). Catholics, Buddhist, Protestant, Lutheran, Orthodox, Baptist, Spanish, English, White, Black, Asian, Caribbean, Rap, Rock, Jazz, Classical, choose your ‘genre’ and they control it.


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  1. everything on this satanic earth realm is the complete opposite of the lords realm . we all live in a complete false reality through satanism who control every aspect of humanity .. Until humanity ever wakes up to this deception of reality we all loose and break any chance of ever reaching the highest prize of it all ever lasting life reality with the one .. THE ONE

  2. Trump spent time there to learn he was not trained by them he spied on them. Pence now a different story, when he was introduced by a Jesuit Priest with one of their famous quotes I knew it was right in front of the Federalist society. read the federalist papers. history to go along with the Constitution and the Bill of rights.

  3. Keep in mind, god fucked up and made a convent to cut the gland off a baby's dick to this religion. What the fuck? If you consider yourself christian or Jew or any other religion you all are guilty of maiming children, Islam, does women, Jews are pedophiles, Christians cut off the tip of baby's dicks. It is all sick and retarded.

  4. All you hear is about is Trump nowadays and media feuding with him. This is the ILLUSION. This is the distraction to keep us from talking about real issues like child trafficking. OBAMA BROUGHT "CHANGE" and manipulated liberals. Now TRUMP "MAKES AMERICA GREAT AGAIN" and manipulates conservatives. They played us YET AGAIN. When will we learn. I'll tell you this much. After Trump, no more! I'm done with politics.

  5. 239 The Code of the Messianic Era : Occult games of the elite
    This book will reveal occult practices and believes of the elite, notably Hollywood's and political establishments which manifests itself through numerology codes in the motion pictures,mass media and show business. As far as we know since Renaissance times the greatest artists and thinkers such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Nicolas Poussin, Albrecht Durer and Isaac Newton were using secret ciphers and codes embedded in their works, which were supposed to carry hidden messages for posteriority. Some of this hidden messages we could decipher only during last decades, hundreds of years after they were sent to us. There are modern adherents of the secret societies from the bygone era who carry the torch of the same tradition-conveying secret messages for those who would be able to understand them. This book from the series Occult games of the elite will reveal to you those esoteric messages in the unlikely places. This book will reveal a hidden code 239 permeating our pop culture for the past 60 years.

    Real Da Vinci code: Occult games of the elite

  6. ALL Christians NOT Roman catholics DO NOT BOW DOWN TO ROME graven images or FAULSE IDOLS as We are free to read the Bible daily and are able to think for Ourselves as We all know We have to answer to God and if We use the Lord's name in vain ( I am a Christian and not honour God) We will pay a heavier price than a non believer All who bow to Rome are an abomination …
    We are all related under the skin….killery has no faith I take that back she worships lucifer which makes her the scariest out of the two…Trumps father was German and Mother was pure Scotish the genealogy could have come from anywhere…I for one would like to see scientific proof DNA
    FACT in the coven witches / illuminati must reveal the spell before it is cast…ex.messages on lp's…
    If Walter Veith is right Trump and Pence will answer to God.if they do not come out of her…The Protest Stand military needs to be vidual. ….We Are Watching !..Tsk Tsk

  7. Reading your description, and coming across the bit talking about the 'racist-bigot' trap, has me shaking my head..please check what those words mean, and if you really want to share truth, do not use loaded labels as those..have you not read 1984 and how words will be bent for a purpose? Are the Palestinians 'racist' and 'bigoted'?

    J..e,,w,.s existed before Christianity..

    Fight the Talmud..

  8. Given the chance the "Catholic Church" would slaughter all Protestants and "Baptist" as they have done in the past. Catholics Popes, Jesuits, priest, have killed more than they have helped, and will kill again again. He's speaking to the Jews, they have promises we dont't, as Christians we have promoses the Jews don't.

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