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  1. For option two since it was Jesus speaking we also have this from Paul:

    Rom 15:8  Now I say that Jesus Christ was a minister of the circumcision for the truth of God, to confirm the promises made unto the fathers: 

    More evidence Jesus's ministry was to the Jews/circumcision.

  2. I have to watch this again and pay attention! I want to have a full understanding of: 'Once saved always saved'. I not only want to get it right, I want to be able to help someone else who also struggle with the sin in their life.

  3. I think this verse is what separates the believers from the saved. You can believe in Jesus Christ but still reject him and choose yourself or choose Satan etc. Even Satan believes in Jesus Christ. All who are dead now in Hell believe in Jesus Christ but the ship of salvation has already sailed. They refused the lifeline Christ died for to give us to swim on their own. That is truly back tragedy. You can believe in Jesus Christ but you have to choose him alone for your salvation.

  4. I understand that if we have the Holy Spirit and are saved, but continue to sin, our Heavenly Father will chastise us. To the point of taking our physical life. Removing our branch. But why do young children die in car accidents or very good people die young from terminal illnesses. Dying from not abiding in Christ I can understand, but what about those who do abide in Christ, but still die young? I would really like to understand that.

  5. Hi. I discovered your channel days ago and find it very interesting. I was wondering if maybe you could sometime make a video about seeing things in dreams? I just watched your video "Saw Jesus in a Vision?…HE'S SATAN! " before this one. I found it very interesting. I have had several dreams involving demons, and also in some dreams where Jesus showed up to save me from said demons. I always thought the dreams of Jesus was so special and felt really good about them. But from watching your other video now I am wondering if maybe it wasn't really him? Anyways I just wanted to say that in-case you ever wanted to make a more in-depth video about the subject, if not that's okay. I have been enjoying your videos.^^ I am understanding things better from your explanations. God Bless.

  6. I have completely changed my life around since being saved and there is not an hour that I’m awake where I don't think about our Lord. I study my Bible now, sing gospel music and pray but I have been struggling for a little while now with attachment to earthly things. Not wicked things or sin, but for example I like cars, construction and working on projects of my own. However, I just don't know if these 'hobbies' are getting in the way of me and Jesus and I certainly wouldn't want to do it if it was against His will.
    Do you think that there is anything in scripture that could help me or would you happen to have any advice? Any help would be so greatly appreciated.


  8. I've always looked at the most gentle and good people die early in life because God sees they are too precious to be left on Earth. I don't wanna say I believe this for no reason, because I do have a reason. I have had almost 10 people through my life pass away very young, and they were the sweetest and most humbling people. I have always found that to be ironic in the pattern of the way these people we're when they were taken from Earth.

  9. Have you made a video addressing the verse where it says. There will be many saying I did great works in your name and I casted out demons in your name then the Lord turns to them and says depart from me for I never knew you you practice in iniquity? It just kind of makes me wonder you would think if somebody casting out demons and did great works in his name he would have a relationship with him and you would think he would be saved right? If so why does he say depart from me for I never knew you? It's one of the big humps I'm trying to hurdle all over so I can get some peace of mind can you please help me out.

  10. only fruit is good (work ) that which you have bare path Of gospel JESUS CHRIST ABA ELOHIM ADONAI AMEN. None another path only FATHER PATH IS CLEAR AMEN . GLORY TO THE FATHER ALMIGHTY AND TO JESUS AND HOLY GHOST AMEN.

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