Doug Batchelor – the truth about Pope Francis and the Jesuit Order – Plans of the Vatican seen in history


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  1. Something that I am wrestling with right now is why in Revelation we are referring to Christ as being the one that the Dragon is attacking when Christ has "already" defeated death and Satan and ascended to God in Glory. Wouldn't it make more sense that the child that the dragon is after is actually Christ's Church?

  2. He quotes directly from the Bible and from statements from the Catholic doctrine and their own statements. Does the Pope emulate Christ? Do Catholics pray to Mary and Saints? Have they incorporated pagan rituals? Did the Catholic Church kill over 5 million Christians? Who is drunk with the blood of the saints? How about the Sabbath? If you cannot see all this, there is a spirit blocking you from the truth. There is no question he is telling the truth. I regret ever being in the Catholic Church.

  3. Jesuits have been going at their agenda for what? about 500 years and in their life time or last 35 years they and all have watched God True Mission the Seventh day Adventist, God Messengers, go around this earth to every nation, tongue and tribe with God's schools, hospitals, universities and Churches of His 10 Commands, These were given to Moses given to all of us written by God's own in stone. Not one group of humans can change this.

  4. I am not SDA, but still I recognize amazing godliness and unshakeable Biblical knowledge when I see it. May God continue to bless Pastor Batchelor and those in the SDA church who respect this man's commitment to the Bible.

  5. The Seventh-day Adventist organization claims to be all about keeping God's commandments. Interestingly enough, they agree with Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons that Jesus and the Father are two separate Beings. They also cling to the old Jesus is Michael argument.

  6. it is so interesting to hear Doug explain the series regarding the Pope and the Catholic Church. I have been in church all of my life and never heard it explained in this way . Thank you Brother Bachelor, such a great and timely message.

  7. Yes you´re right catolicism is mix with pagan religion like the day of death,(día de muertos) but in México we are not indians we are half blood or mestizos. In minute 20.
    Or you said us browns, secure you´re with Trump, I don´t want to fight, but if your words were right, you become a more rating.

  8. Evangelical denominations are infiltrated by freemasonry to the bone. The devil's weapon of choice is disinformation and as it seems Evangelicals don't even give the malign a good fight, they will easily swallow lies and one day they will find out they were working for the Synagogue of satan against the Church.

  9. SDA are most hated Christian group? why? … simple,, if you keep
    telling the truth,, the rest will hate you……… No problem, we all
    need to preach 3 angels messages even to those who hate us……..
    Everything he said is from the Bible and the Bible prophecy is purely
    proved by history,, nothing to be denied….. If what he says is
    wrong, what SDA believes is wrong,, everyone is invited to comment it
    with Biblical prove…….. So simple……..

  10. Ellen white adds to 666 in latin. And what 7 days says about pope doesnt. I remeber he thought Jesus was comming back in 1996, so many times the 7 day have been wrong. However they are right in that tge church founded by Christ would fall into eclipse in the end. Yes

  11. The SDA is not Christian, its Adventist. Sunday Laws are ludicrous and its just religious paranoia. The Bible makes no mention ANYWHERE of Sunday Laws.

    Adventism was started in 1844 by a crazy woman who had a head injury who claimed to have visions from God. Why people are stupid enough to believe in this inane drivel is beyond me.

    To become a Christian you would have to leave the Adventist Church.

    Let us find one that matches 666 it.
    Ellen = L+L=100,
    Gould = U+L+D = 555,
    White = a double 'U' = 2 'V's +1 = 11.

    Total these three numbers, and we have, 100 + 555 + 11 = 666

    So Ellen Gould White, the foundress of Seventh Day Adventism, has a name that adds up to 666, and it is the number of a name and not of a title.

  12. there is no such thing as the Protestant church. Never was, in the first generation there were four different factions.Now there are over 6000 protestant denominations registered in the USA. Seventh day Adventists have little in common with members of the Church of England or Presbyterians. Only common ground hostility to Rome.

  13. As for Doug Batchelor, I mean no disrespect to his teachings and beliefs. I grew up in a Catholic family. And I know in the past that there have been priests who sexually abused children and the popes from the Middle Ages were corrupt and unholy. The crusades and the inquisition. But during War World 2, one of the popes saved Jewish people from being hunted down by the Nazis.

  14. Doug candy coats it, I have the Oath and he skipped right over what they vow to do to all True Believers of Jesus Christ, I do like the way Doug approaches this material and the way he introduces it as if not to offend anyone within the crowd, but  when the Truth is as it is,  I don't believe candy coating it in anyway, The Vatican is clearly the Home of the 1st beast and it now seems we in America have in office the Second Beast !

  15. The New Testament has within it the new covenant, let us understand that the new covenant is the Ten Commandments written in the heart and it is found in the New Testament, now God did not write the New Testament in our hearts according to Jeremiah 31:31-34 but he wrote the new covenant in our hearts, meaning the Ten Commandments in stone is obsolete, taken away, fulfilled by the Lord Jesus Christ and since it is fulfilled it was only to last until Christ fulfilled it and then he would magnify the Law of God Isaiah 42:21 knowing we do not obey the Sabbath today for the scripture teaches we are to live by every word that came out of the mouth of God and not by every word that he wrote. Secondly the New Testament never commands Christians to keep the Sabbath day and never states we are sinning for breaking the Sabbath either. Not one scripture is given in the New Testament rather the N/T teaches we are delivered from the Law of God written in stone Romans 7:6-7 for it is the letter that kills and is the ministry of death 11 Cor, 3:3-9 let us check ourselves to see if we are in the faith or in the denominational faith which will be burned at the second coming of Christ.

  16. I don't think any information is mean to destroy faith in Jesus, it is to lead you more directly TO HIM. Focus of Jesus Christ alone, and you will not stumble.
    " At the age of 13, I heard Bro.Miller deliver his second course of lectures in Portland, Me "

    This is long before she was even 16/17. I did not say she was responsible for his 'errors ' I say she fully pushed the delusion and predictions herself, so was herself WRONG and FALSE. The message she fervently heralded: Jesus Christ will return on Oct 22 1844 ( it is also said ' thereabouts 1843/44 according to Adventist history)

    In EVERY instance of high level deceit and possession of ' visionaries' and supposed prophets/prophetesses/messengers there is ALWAYS a demonic cypher present.When an invading demon of satan/with satan is present in major delusions that manifestation appears in some form or other either by words, actions,acts,writing etc. The infiltration is totally unapparent to the victim, but will or may also take hold of all in close proximity, if suiting the demonic powers. The work of demons and satan himself is to present great truths, well mixed with LIES. The demons can never not display their seals and just excites them too much not to taunt and ridicule victims..because they take great pleasure in moving almost ' undetected' .. It will either appear on skin, in art or in print by the hand of the demon possessed. the affected will make such cyphers unknowingly and unwittingly, but they WILL make appearance.Demons absolutely LOVE to put it ' in the face' of the blind because it makes you all the more laughable to the entire demonic realm, and you expand their pride by being a well hooked fish…the reason being that the bait seems too delicious to pass up. 78000+ deceived churches is really quite the catch! You're a ' prize ' ..expanding merchandise. Don't feel too bad..JW's, catholics and other denominations are in similar positions. Nothing joyful in that..its all very sad.

    In the case of EW, that demonic cypher is fully present in The Na (nakh) fused with the 'Elemental' symbol. It refers to ' In The THROAT/ Your / Life ' ie word and diction high level deception. It is why satanists call christians ' the dead ' and will always have a good laugh at you, because you see and know nothing. All you can do is scream proof! liar! sift grains of sand, but swallow rocks, so your delusion is complete. The Elemental symbol ALWAYS appears where Satan himself is well present and its the + in various combinations of normal and inverted. It is easily detected in enochian alphabet as from the FALLEN angels.They do NEVER pass up a chance to let their signature handiwork be seen in some form or other..In EW, its by her own hand also, let alone the drivel. I shall say if you look at scans of her actual diary, you will probably see the cypher appear many times. What you have, is a doctrine of demons . I can take her writing apart on MANY fronts because its just full of demonic drivel across ALL of her writings.

    Take a good look, and you see see that Nakh+ symbol in its configurations as EW herself did numerous ' corrections ' to scripture, and writings. The reason you know less of such things is that you are too busy being deluded to see clearly. It's why Satan is called the king of subtlety, because he will cut off your tongue with honey and feed it to you as a gourmet meal, and you'll ask for more.
    On pages 46-48 supplement) you see Satan in full subtle and destructive form, perpetuating the LIE again,via EW for your palate, that loves swallowing LIES. He deceived EW, who in turn deluded you and MANY.
    You see..YHWH said in essence : ' If you eat of the the tree, YOU WILL SURELY DIE' Satan came along to say ' You will NOT surely die '
    46-48 is well contrived demon spew, giftwrapped for the moron that understands nothing, but is eager to swallow hellfire, coming to you live and in indelible print from your very own EW." Ye shall be immortal'..' Ye shall be as Gods' – Teachings of Satan.
    Jesus was pleading with his Father , and obtained his consent to give his life as a ransom …? Note:The Lamb was slain BEFORE the foundation of the world.
    Jesus HIMSELF told you in essence ' I lay down my life, and I take it up of my own accord He never pleaded, or asked ' consent' to humble himself to become flesh and die a mortal death..He IS God, and did it willingly.
    If the scripture is true, that the Lamb ( Jesus Christ) was slain BEFORE the foundation of the world, how can it ever be possible that Jesus was communing with the Father about a solution at the time of Adam and Eve who came after the world was formed? (perhaps because that angel prompting EW was a LIAR? )
    The angels got so happy that Jesus was going to die for rebels that they sung in a higher note ? EW lol..Let me tell you a crisp secret: The angels knew NOTHING of what the Father planned for the Salvation of man. They still don't KNOW…its why scripture tells you ' they long to LOOK' If that were so, then satan would have known , and not have killed Jesus, if he knew ANYTHING of details.It's why his mood is bad because he ended up accomplishing the will of YHWH by his murderous nature. It's why he constantly tries to thwart scripture. Do you really think 2/3 of angels blabbing deep mysteries of actual TRUTH somehow filtered to EW?..or is it more plausible that lies of the fallen angels reached EW faster? The reason YHWH has ' seals' is that NOBODY knows . Only satan thinks he knows and keeps trying his utmost. It works on many really.

    Was EW evil? No..but sadly highly deceived.

    " … and by their obedience be brought back to the garden from which our first parents were driven, and again have access to the glorious,immortal fruit of the tree of life that Adam and Eve forfeited all right to.' -EW

    Let me clarify something for you :
    1- To eat of the fruit was FORBIDDEN by YHWH. Jesus and the Father communed to make a way of escape for lost man then?..according to EW ( If that were so, the Lamb being slain BEFORE the foundation foundation of the world would be meaningless. Angels ' long to peer into these things' is said in relation to the plans of YHWH in regards to man's salvation. The host of heaven does not know the plans of the Father in this regard.
    2- ' the immortal fruit' ? lol..YHWH said ' You will surely DIE' , only satan said you will not die..but you can be AS GOD. Your EW pushes the same LIE, as told by Satan…she only' thought' it was from Jesus Christ.
    3- ' Again have access ' ? Man will NEVER have access there again, because it is FORBIDDEN, and cherubim guard it.( In case you are unaware this does not relate to a physical 'tree' ) Neither Adam nor Eve ate of the' tree of life.' They have no rights or associated privileges on that. In case you are unaware there will be a new heaven and new earth that will await the chosen to occupy, so nobody is going back to ol' Eden. So..ask yourself again, what that ' angel ' is talking about…or rather, ask yourself what you believed.
    4- ' …Adam and Eve forfeited all right to "
    They NEVER had a right in the first place. It was a COMMANDMENT of YHWH that eating of the tree is FORBIDDEN. You don't have a ' right ' where a commandment of YHWH exists, all you can have is DISOBEDIENCE or OBEDIENCE.
    5- Said the angel " Think ye that the Father yielded up his dearly beloved Son without a struggle? No, no "
    Which angel would say that??… when the bible says:
    " Yet it pleased the LORD to bruise him; he hath put him to grief: when thou shalt make his soul an offering for sin, he shall see his seed, he shall prolong his days, and the pleasure of the LORD shall prosper in his hand.
    (Little hint..NO angel of YHWH can say something fully contrary to the WORD, but that angel did say it all to your EW )
    YHWH has no struggles with anything because He knows EVERYTHING, and judgements are in awesome and incomprehensible RIGHTEOUSNESS, its why nobody understands certain outcomes in their lives or history, and why YHWH is mysterious in all ways.
    6- ' Tree of life' ?? ..tree of the knowledge of good and evil ( maybe a little erroneous pomological mixup you think? or perhaps intentional by the 'informant' ?) Why would supposedly YHWH's angel mention ' tree of life' if He said ' You will surely DIE' if eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? Different trees…your EW was well confused ( I'll tell you why..because that was Satan speaking ) Whatever you may argue or surmise on the above, it is impossible to refute the following.
    " But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him."
    If the above scriipture is a LIE, how then could EW see the ' new earth ' in any vision? The reason she 'saw' that, is because satan allowed her to see a DELUSION.
    Three times Jesus communed with the Father over this ' solution' ? wow.
    7- Said the angel ' Remember ye are on the enchanted ground' enchanted??
    , beguile, bewitch, spellbind, ensnare, fascinate, hypnotize, mesmerize.
    The Holy Spirit is not about ' enchantments' . That term is used in witchcraft, so where was EW spiritually then?
    Do you know why SDA and JW share the same delusion on ' Michael is Jesus ' – The same root..Millerite. The deceived – William Miller.
    Only Satan and his cohorts say such things in palatable language, for you the fool to swallow whole. EW's writings are bullet riddled with satanic twists but it's probably imcompressible editorial for you and many like you…its the reason Jesus says ' You will DIE in your sins ' .

    If you actually follow Jesus Christ and ' scripture' you will self correct and avoid MANY pitfalls. Is the EW doctrine of DEMONS really worth dying for?

  17. The Vatican City is part of 3 city states, one is the District of Columbia(Washington D.C.), Vatican City, and the Crown (a.k.a. City of London Corporation) .Together they are one interlocking empire called “Empire of the City”. You can read more about this by googling the secret constitution of 1871, it is on .

  18. Adventists teach that when you squash a bug or swat a fly, You send them to ETERNAL PUNISHMENT And, if you catch a fish to eat, the fish gets the biblical definition of eternal punishment . How enlightened is that?

    Because the Adventist gospel teaches that the meaning of "Eternal punishment" means to be annihilated, if that's so it means when you squash a bug or swat a fly, they are sent to the SDA VERSION OF ETERNAL PUNISHMENT.

    You can see how they deceive themselves !!!

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