Professor Walter J. Veith – world renowned scientist, author, and lecturer

Professor Veith has traveled widely throughout North America and the world presenting his visually documented Amazing Discoveries seminar series to large, enthusiastic crowds. Read about how he changed from an atheist and evolutionist to a Christian and creationist.

Professor Walter J. Veith believes that the theory of evolution does not provide a plausible explanation of our origins. He has researched how modern animal husbandry affects the incidence of disease transfer to humans. Professor Veith’s research field is nutritional physiology.

Professor Walter J. Veith is an ardent student of history and prophecy and has lectured to standing-room-only crowds around the world on his findings in archaeology, history, Bible prophecy, secret societies, and political intrigue.

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The Genesis Conflict
Health Dangers Exposed
The New World Order
Bible Prophecy
The Reformation

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24 Replies to “Drump Trump ~ Professor Veith’s Fact Full Lecture Exposes and proves Jesuit Decepti-con 2018”

  1. God; "chose", Trump to be president of the U.S.  This was prophesied back in 2011!  The election in 2016 was not business as usual!  Many are called , but,  few are chosen by God!  Trump is going to do some amazingly good things for the citizens(masses) of the U.S. over the next 7 years.  Trump will become more religious as the years pass by!  One of the amazing things he will do,  is return the 10's 0f Trillions of dollars that our government has stolen from the people of the U.S., back to the people seven fold. Another thing he will do is make the Dollar great again!

  2. Walter Veith is a 'Satanist freemason pretending to be a Christian, he's just one of many Jesuits who is pretending to be exposing the Catholic church when he's a member of the Satanic freemason SDA or Seventh Day Adventist false church.. Please research the history of the SDA and how Helen White associated ofted with freemasons as she was a freemason witch herself. She promoted a false gospel of works, by teaching that man must keep the law/Sabbath to receive salvation and to keep oneself saved. The bible is clear that Jesus arose on a Sunday after the Sabbath.. The Catholic church did not change the days, this is just a Satanic lie by the SDA who are working with the freemasonic Catholic harlot to make you think that they oppose one another.. The truth is that both the SDA and the Catholic church have always taught a false gospel of works that will lead the hearer to the lake of fire.
    To learn more, please visit "False Teachers Exposed," over on facebook..

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  4. I would say I'm not tied to any religion, I've studied many religions, i see how they are misinterpreted, even rewritten to suit the purpose of the day, the one thing that seems to be missing from all of the prophecies, it is not about blind following, so simple how can it be missed, LOVE.

  5. When watching Walter's presentations always recall that he generally says he may not be spot on with every single detail but the point is that the battle is for the mind. Like now most Christians are watching Israel yet it is diverting their minds away believing Physical Israel is of special importance.

  6. Jesus Christ sits at the right hand of Majesty or God not the Father; Mr.Veith.. I'm surprised no one else commented on this false doctrine.. he even used the Jesuit NIV false doctrine bible.

  7. In most Military conflicts, it is a do or die battle for supremacy, with a verity of special weapons  brought onto the battlefield. Currently there is a Battle between the Dark Forces and Heaven for your Human Souls. As in the Old Testament, God Will selects the Battle Line and His Warriors, many come with rough edges-to say the least. The Jesuit Order has always been known in Catholic Circles, as the Military Order for the Roman Catholic Church, in Rome. It makes sense to have a Pope/Government Leaders-favored by Jesus, as Heavens Royal Military Leaders. The Catholic Church has been overwhelmed by Demonic forces, far greater then ever before…soon after the Second Dominican Council of 1962. Your lecture Professor W.J. Veith, supports this fact in detail. You Sir, can go to sleep knowing our Lord Jesus Christ has selected  righteous individuals to, win this battle. To some, such as your self, this major event-in these times, appear too dangerous and coincidental. Take a deep breath and witness the Greatest Show on Earth, written, produced, and directed by Jesus Christ.

  8. Vieth is saying that if you're not a seventh day Adventist you have taken the mark of the beast. If you take the mark,there is no redemption. If he is right then why is he lecturing non Adventists? Isn't it already too late now?

  9. The Trump mind set is

    come at it from all angles
    never make a decision
    make a decision and never follow through
    make humorous idle threats
    let things escalate
    blame others
    always consult with others
    never make a decision
    keep everyone guessing
    nothing will happen
    etc etc etc
    the same thing over again and again and again
    Trump profits through all of it
    God chose Trump to upset the apple cart and
    clean out the swamp
    … this is what God wants him to do and no more
    he is doing it,
    doing it well


    it is the Macedonian Empire that split in four
    each Macedonian general got one part and fought against each other
    no Greeks in the Macedonian army of Alexander the Great
    … no one has ever researched this in its entirety

    The Roman Empire stood still in fear
    when the Macedonian army with no Greeks passed by

  10. Mr Veith you are misinterpreting what Mr President Trump saying giving power back to the church. Would you agree that sex is over running our world? Killing and drinking children's blood. Yes it is okay to speak of Christ! Of Jesus. Better that than Islamic terror. He is referring to MORALITY!!!!

  11. We are the possessors of ethics and the predator class USES that against us.
    I think that the Biblical Book of Revelations was written as a blueprint for achieving absolute control.
    These predators are using it that way right now.
    This guy, Walter Veith, explains it all beautifully but he makes one mistake. He thinks Revelations was a prophesy. I think it was not. I think it was a plan, to be executed when the technology and skills were in place.
    WW1 and WW2 were dress rehearsals for the final solution.
    I think that the Black Nobility added that abominable book on the end of the gospels so that people would live in fear of it and, most importantly, BELIEVE it.
    Belief creates manifestation…. and the worst thing of all is that all the deeply religious people will do NOTHING to stop it because they believe it will bring about the advent of their Messiah! They will meekly accept it as the will of their god.
    I keep telling people – We are love, we together can change this, but only if we unite against the ruling classes.
    We are the Messiah – ALL OF US together and if we recognise that their carefully created and diabolical plan will founder and collapse – this would be the human race finally saying –

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