E Michael Jones on the Masonic Attack on the Jesuits

E. Michael Jones interviewed by Tim Kelly on Our Interesting Times, on Catholic missionary activity, Africa and Julius Nyerere, and the Whig-Masonic libel and destruction of the Jesuits in the 18th century. Original title: “E. Michael Jones on Development Economics vs the Washington Consensus”.

For a more in-depth treatment of the Whig-Protestant takeover of Freemasonry and its role in the rise of usurious capitalism and attack against the Catholic Church and destruction of the Jesuits who set up the successful and prosperous Jesuit Reductions in Paraguay as the better alternative to capitalism, see E. Michael Jones’ books “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” and “Barren Metal”. Go to culturewars.com.

Topics discussed:
Adam Smith
Balfour Declaration
Benjamin Freedman
Catholic missionary activity
Donald Trump
Duc de Choiseul
French Revolution
Friedrich List
Gloria Steinem
Henry Kissinger
Henry Stanley
Jesuit Reductions in Paraguay as an alternative to capitalism
Julius Nyerere
Marc Benioff (Salesforce)
Marquis de Pombal
Michel Foucault
Mike Pence
Paul Krugman
Protestant Reformation
Saudia Arabia
Silence (movie)
Socialism as the reaction to capitalism
Sports as means of political control
St. Francis Xavier (Jesuit)
Tarzan as model of the “noble savage”
Voltaire as agent (shill) of the Whigs
Whigs (English, Scottish, Protestant and Masonic) and subversive activity


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  1. This is why people in the movement should never trust papists. Jones is extremely biased regarding these subjects. If anything, the masonic order comes out of Jesuitism, and Jesuitism itself finds its origins in people of (((questionable ethnic heritage))) and involved with a gnostic cult. Martin Luther the Reformer was correct regarding just about everything, sorry to break it to you Dr. Jones.

  2. E. Michael Jones PhD should talk more about the evil works of Freemasons. Freemasonry is the crux of our current problems…not Jews. If all Jews died tomorrow of some DNA disease…Freemasonry would continue it's work of destroying both society and the Catholic Church, along with protestant religions. The popes denounced Freemasonry for grave reasons.

  3. E. Michael Jones is simply brilliant, and has a way of making you laugh when he's telling you deadly serious information; as someone who consumes deadly serious information all the time, this humor element is MUCH appreciated.  Kudos for mention of Heart of Darkness.  God Bless you and thank you both!

  4. The very largest Military in the World is the University Ph.D graduates. They are protected in their sciences of death, magics and have ultra most legal authority over the masses. They are scientists, engineers and doctors of all sorts. Ph.D's create the vaccines, poisons and drugs. They are creators of special weapons of mass destruction. They are the engineers of mass genocide. Things that happen throughout the world that seems to be beyond mans perspectives — it is the creations of the Ph.D's who are every place throughout the world. There is no place without a Ph.D. They work together in many forms of agreement with each other. They are the greatest Army, Navy, Air Force and Special Forces in the World. They belong to a Brotherhood of Doctors. They are everywhere. All systems in the World are created, guided and ran by Doctors (Ph.D). They create the Law…that you live under. The very education that you have is one of Ph.D creation. All that you know — was first created by a Ph.D…..even from the old times.

  5. E. Michael needs to be shown and then acknowledge where mankind receives the technologies he is so enamored with. ….. Especially the most evil category of white  catholic ilk….  Their dead  Saints worship, indicates exactly  the practices of these fallen angels, of Enoch's writings, these angels led by Azazel.  So be proud of yourself,  it is just a white man's burden after all!

  6. I have several categories of institutional elite societies which rule us, and are the problem. The zionist plot has been invented BY THE VATICAN — so many believe they can prove.!! THE VATICAN is who wishes for NWO — just like it was during "Empire". Have the Babylonian/Talmudic gangsters infiltrated the Catholic Church? Was Loyola a "morano", and the jesuits we jewish infiltrators?
    REGARDLESS, what difference would it make? (personally, I'd love to make this determination once and for all)
    If one has a street-gang problem in their neighborhood, they don't choose a side, nor debate the gangs. They simply have to eliminate the gangs and take back their neighborhood. I put these two institutions squarely amongst all the rest of the esoteric, ruling hierarchies/societies/"royal" orders.
    If there ever existed a noble, wise, and "Christlike" Vicar as pope, I sure as hell can't find it in "His-Story".
    Additionally, all of our fake "scientism" has been spawned by the Catholic church as the primary institution. All fake "His-Story" falls squarely on the Catholic church.
    My question: When, or where, or how was the Catholic church anything less than a militarized religion of the elite (esoterically) to rule with an iron fist over the slave-class who is sold the exoteric version. Where, or when, was the "good Catholic church"? I can't find it unless it existed before the reformation, Gregorian calendar, and Scagalian His-Story.

  7. Anything with an African flavor is just terrible. Nordic socialism is pleasant, African socialism is despotic to the highest degree. European beer is amazing, whereas the beer Africans make in those buckets look absolutely disgusting, as if they are infested with maggots or something. Black leaderships and neighborhoods are the worst the world over. Lowest economic and educational performances. Most terrible forms of "music", rap, monotonous African drum beats ect. There is no such thing as a first world African country. Blacks suck, end of story.

  8. Jones expresses many insightful and revelatory ideas. However, it's depressing that he promotes the perverted Socialist/Capitalist economic axiom that "human labor is the source of all wealth". This is as purely anti-Christian a position as one could imagine–a total denial of Grace. God is the source of all wealth. Humans can be catalysts, but at a time when computers and industrial robots are rapidly taking over the production system of society the postulate that human labor is responsible for all wealth has, at long last, been exposed as the ultimate hubristic delusion.

  9. you are knowledgeable but a racist. Europeans were so primitive they never took a bath for years until they were taught personal hygiene venturing out of the Caucasoid mountains – how can you to speak on that. the true Jews or Israelites talked about in the bible that is really not for you as a seed from Esau are the negroid race from the seed of Shem. Why not talk about that if you aint with them. The catholic church is the beast system

  10. 2) This is the Vidyadhara elders wisdom of dreamtime liniages at ULARU where Union is Mother of UTU rupakaya human form of earthlings apparently the Citta Huli originating from lizards and fossil feuled maras Rothschidls demigods left earth on plasma high tech interplanetary traveling foo figher plasma balls and searl effect flying saucers  prior to Earth as a Moon of Saturn being discharged from saturns purple dawn plasma sheath at the time of dinosourse who died when Earths gravitational fields increased then earth was ejected from saturns plasma sheath on entering current solar system and taking up a positjon third rock from the sun these lizardsseek to make commn law based on abrhamic law which is unnatural law and natural law is recorded in 6000 year old cuniform clay tablets Donald McKenzie translated 100 years ago all this is contained basically in 8th chapter Gilgamesh (nergal ngaal myall ksatyria) warrior demigod story of uncouth murderous crocodile brained sub humans so pali Sanskrit seed syllables are found throughout Austrnesian Melanesian Polinesian Culutres of Sukha Thai Anchor Watt Burma from South Africa through Madagasca Srilanka Sumatra Java Borobudur Bali Hindu Buddhist Sufi Boro (honerific for BU RA ground of Shamesh UTU Utpala lotus) all celebrate desire in thepath susbstantial cause of buddhas is UNION so this is a really joyfull debated giving birth to the emerging 21c tesla ttech thunderbolts project dzam bala wealth creating Darwin tesla based tri-alectic now incusive of traditional surat rice irrigator milk jewel celtic cross old sumer Cornish pa-asti jjohn barley Corn lasa mother of dza naga (innana goer penetrating wisdom of garuda phonix )egalitarian eagle of Thomas pained by nazi common sense govt by for of human sovereign citizens is the basis of common law those nations who have implemented private reseve banks have done away with common or natural law and assert humist Admiralty law of drugs ams slave traders where our legal status is basically of salvaged property of east india company drugs arms slave traders as we are not regarded as conscious perssons as we do not under Stand Isue of Isis Yeshua (jehova) we can be killed off by Agenda21 promoting mid sumer Zionst occultist hegrodox trojen horse big bankster Twin Towers Fukjshima sabotures and PM Howard Bush Bliar Abbot Turnbull Murdoch Goldman Sachs CIA-DynCorp Newscorp Raincorp Greaincorp Suncorp Powercor Beyond boarders Cliton Haiti organ harvestors Netinyatu David lowe Group larry silversgtien Haim siboni Isreal Owl Atomic gun weapons manufacturers who sabotaged Fukushima to toxify all Earths oceans and New Manhaten Project Geo-engineers who Pm Abbott paid 10 million to Newscorp Raincorp Murdoch and nephew mat hanbury of Melbourne who I was acquainted with at Davies bay Yatch club Mt Eliza Kennetts Beynd Blucifer Psychiatry is toxic killes half these nutters treat for bipoliar schizophrenic disrders in the fist 10 years so I suspect Kennett to is woking wiht with pm Turnbull the goldman sachs agetnt then environment minister who approved geo-engineering chemtrail spraying alumina and beruum causes premature dementure in bees and humans autistic spectrum neurological disorders also like adhd bipolar ptsd schizophrenic mood instablitity and is also intended to kil off bees and 4 years after bees are killed off all live n earth will be gone so these cargo cultish Netinyatu papal zion protocolists are implementing lima accord Agenda21 officlal policy of UN EU NSA NTO intended to kill us all and a perversion of natural Annatolkan old sumer shamesh shamen common law and an imposition of admiralty law comes with Pm Hawk Keating floating the Australain dollar this wss unconstitutional and a Nazi collaborating yale skul and child boner private reserve bankster david lowe group carrol Quigley cecil Rhodes isreali zinsit fukudhima sabotures scam but its a joyfull and wonderfull debate very enlightening iisnt it now gunga djin honey ant dereamig traditional surat milk jewel celtic cross john barleycorn (anti Traffic of hard drugs and slave ,eric Clapton etc) pa-asti llotus being ttraditional and honey ant dreaming of Aboriginee Anungu Palya Pythagorean Rainbow python tri-alectic mandala is now floor plan of Canberra parllament Australan old sumer western diety yoga is now a java Borobudur garuda dragon of yamantaka deified tzong khapa dragon and his consort is vajra dakini tilopa  narpa marpa milareapa (mithreus connected) gampopa chogyam trungpa kargu evam llneage of highest yoga tandra and bali boro hindu budhist sufi rajayana of old sumer compatible.

  11. historically perverse and inaccurate propaganda but thanks a wonderfully stimulating debate about the philosophical and brahma creative life force natural law basis of common law.
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