EGW’s World War Prophecies.Care for SDA Veterans.Falling Stars.Former SDA, pastors Sunday Church

EGW’s World War Prophecies. Care for SDA Veterans. Literal & Spiritual Falling Stars. Former SDA Minister, now keeps Sunday & pastors Sunday Church


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  1. Dear Pastor Andrew and Hilari, please my dear brother and sister keep Ellen G. Whites writings alive. Since the SDA conference is taking Ellen Whites writings out of the church. I'm SDA and I'm saddened by this, but then again I'm relieved this is happening just means we're one step closer to Jesus's Imminent coming.
    But what is a poor person to do if they cant buy property for themselves? Would a good SDA Christian family want to take in a disabled person as myself? I'm really looking forward to Jesus coming and I know God will take care of me! Hugs n Love from a sister in Christ.
    Ps I'm getting camping gear and stocking up on canned food and seeds go to grow my food when I need to go to the mountains. God bless you and your family

  2. Hello sister Hillary and Pastor Andrew am following you from Rwanda,as you say evangelism aggressive has begun even we see it arround us.i feel very happy when i get news of last day events world wide.continue and pray for many who are seeking to get God's grace in their heart.we shall meet on the beautiful show God bless you all

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