Ellen G. White Exposes Pope Francis, Jesuits, and Illuminati… A MUST SEE!!!

This is a video showing how Ellen white exposed Popery in the Last Days, and the True meaning of who Jesuits really are. Which in turn has cause her (Ellen White) to be Outkasted and banished and accused of occult worship by the powers that be to keep the masses from reading or studying anything she has written! This is Trully A MUST SEE!!!


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  1. Even today, in politics, we see one side accusing the other of what they themselves are guilty of. It is a favorite tactic of Satan, used in the very courts of heaven. It is not surprising to see the attacks on Ellen White. But what convinced me, being raised a Baptist, was Revelation 12:17. The church, the remnant of the woman's seed, whom the dragon HATES, keeps the commandments of God AND has the testimony of Jesus Christ. Revelation 19:10 tells us that the TESTIMONY of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. Paul lists the gift of prophecy as one of the highest gifts God can bless a church with. It's pretty simply to figure God's church, not too many keep all ten of His commandments. Not too many have prophets. Indeed, as we see from the comments below, most babylonian groups who call themselves Christian, HATE the gift of prophecy. The gift of prophecy will not be given to a church willfully ignoring one of God's commandments.

  2. Brother I think it did not start at AD 70. It started from the moment Christ sat on the Mount of Olives and His disciples said on to him.
    See all the buildings. Christ responded saying there shall not be one stone left upon another, or when Christ said behold your house is left unto you desolate. Or when the deciples said, tell us when shall these things be and what shall be the sign…..
    Sister White picked up from the time toward the end of Christ ministry to the 21dt Century and beyond.
    Remember when she said the majesty of heaven was in tears. Not of his own foreboding. She spoke of Christ was at a place most dear to him. The promise child issac to be sacrificed, near the sheepgate where He Himself to trek soon., Jacob's ladder, the threshing floor of Onan . That's some heavy stuff brother. Thank God for His son Jesus.
    But good good job brother keep it up.

  3. Theg hated her because she write what is the truth and many thats the reason.Just like Jesus.The Jews especially hates him because he spoke and spoke truth and it hurts so they say what is negative yup.The truth does hurt.The truth is tge the truth guys.

  4. At 24 minutes he proves he is an idiot … he actually said the Catholic Church killed between 50 and 200 million ….  when it was less than 50 000 and most of these was in defence of Europe when the Muslims invaded nearly all of Spain and Portugal and large parts of Southern France !!! … Just saying something might make it YOUR truth but it does not make it REAL TRUTH !!

  5. Wow! E.G.White totally changed my life. How ignorant has the Protestant church been of her history of where she came from, the struggles, persecutions and where she is, in present time.
    I too believed, and were lead to believe that S.D.A.s were a cult. But God in His Grace opened my eyes to the Truth. No other church can give scriptural backup to any of their assertions on where the church is going or can even expound and preach on the book of Revelation. Yet here we have this humble down to earth person – Ellen White.
    Not a Hollywood glamour style prophet and we're told she's false. Thanks Joshua when you begin to research this woman she IS biblically solid to the core!

  6. Why not get an education.. Why not study the bible before you make up lies about the Catholic Church  ???  Why ignore her main prophecies ?? 1..  Health warning NOT to eat fish… WRONG  Second coming 1844 WRONG …Second coming before  she died WRONG… British Empire to start a war with the US after the  Civil War WRONG !!

  7. Brother why are you using a book with inaccurate pictures. she told man not to put pictures in her books. If you truly believe in her writings then you will understand your place in history. where are you in history? why has she deleted you and your kind as though you are not? You are more than a second class citizen. Let your church put the negro in his rightful place…not at the bottom, but where they belong.

  8. Thanks Brother in Christ. Sure like the presentation…tough thing to do when working with The Great Controversy. I viewed this as being educational, warning to seek more knowledgeable, to "ask and you shall know the Truth"…hearing the words in your voice, it was real, was refreshing.

  9. "But we're dealing with God (laughs). You're gonna lose. I mean that's point blank – period. I'm not even gonna sugar coat it. As the Hebrew boys told Nebuchadnezzar, 'I'm not even careful how I answer you.' You're gonna lose."
    LOL thanks for the laugh bruh. As I was typing this comment an evil spirit gave my wall a good tap. I really admire your courage. Truly, the LORD gives us a spirit of power. You're not alone. You are a child of God through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit is using you. You are loved, and not only by God. You will be in my prayers. Keep at it my brother.

  10. these SDA guys follow E G White .. when she claimed to speak what God had told her !! But God does not get it wrong like she did !!  **1The British Empire did not declare War on the US ** 2 The Second coming was not in 1844 * 3 The second coming was not in her lifetime !!

  11. Ellen G. White? I don't think so. She's long dead. Who really is perpetuating the "Legend of: " Trajectory can be a millie degree and in the long wrong off-course.

    Who is exposing the Truth about Ellen G. White physical mental state?
    $5+ Billion yearly income it is difficult to self correct.
    Maybe there will be part II…and a Trilogy movie.

    Obvipusly this guy is a "fan"…
    but is unfamiliar with GOD'S WORD.

    Don't forget to wash your hands?

    S.D.A. has many truths yes…but the pulpit has been infiltrated by Jesuits already.

    They are presented as Roman Catholic converts pastoring the churches. Look at the s.d.a. new age logos. One World Order.

    Trust no man made religeon.

    Trust Jesus and HIS WORD only.

  12. FYI… here in the UK as SDA's we are not allowed to hand out the GC.
    The british conference discourages handing them out and also discourages the preaching of the 3 angels message.
    We are discouraged from preaching against teh catholic church, we are discouraged from mentioned anything about homosexuals.
    This is all due to the SDA church being part of the state as a recognised charity 501c3… look it up… we are no longer a church but a state organisation ad thus are governed by the state and their rules and laws. If we don't operate by their rules then we will be forced to pay back all the taxes we have been exempt from.

    Tony Palmer is not dead, he was taken to hospital that time he was involved in an accident on the motorcycle but was released from hospital a few hours later.
    Check out the forerunner chronicles, christopher hudson, who did the research, called and visited the hospital and they themselves stated tony palmer was released from hospital fine and healthy…

    My channel also has plenty information brother Joshua… jagking69

  13. What's even worse is the Jesuits have infiltrated the protestant churches, including SDA, obtaining church positions and thus not only watering down what beliefs are being taught today, yet also what they do teach they do it with an air of legalism so people find the truths still left to be burdensome and so they lose interest. the SDA congregations that are not like this need prayers for protection because they are rare and Satan is angry with them, but the ones that have been corrupted, I have realized those are the ones that are verbally, mentally and spiritually abusive to church members who are sincerely trying to follow the Lord so they'll feel like they're nothing and maybe leave the church so the corrupt ones will be left to run the show. Sister White did predict in the last days we would see many unbelievably awful things taking place in the church and it's certainly been taking place up here in Maine for several decades. I see more abusive treatment here than I did in the church anywhere else in the country, as well as excuses being made for sinful behavior.

  14. Amen brother!!! If you would like a document of quotes proving that the SOP is the Word of God and when we reject it we reject the words of God, send me an email to cbiblical@yahoo.com HERE IS A POWERFUL QUOTE showing the Holy Spirit is the Author of those writings……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… "Scripture and Spirit of Prophecy Have Same Author.–The Holy Ghost is the author of the Scriptures and of the Spirit of Prophecy. These are not to be twisted and turned to mean what man may want them to mean, to carry out man's ideas and sentiments, to carry forward man's schemes at all hazards."{3SM 30.3} 1900

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