End Time Warning To All Believers Of Christ

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  1. Bro… your like my twin on the other side of the country.lol

    Your the only guy I know that have gone through many of the things I've gone through. I've been on that RELIGIOUS road before, but now I live life as a DISCIPLE of Christ and no longer just a BELIEVER of Christ, because I learned that LOVE is what it really takes to become like Jesus โœŠ(John 13:35)


    P.S. If I ever get a chance to come to your country… I promise to visit you, so I can take a selfie with the cool Ambassador for Christ Robert ๐Ÿ’ฏ LoL

  2. well… Christ being Spirit of God and God using whoever he likes and Jesus being alive and to be is to walk as then the only thing left is to hear in complete faith. one whom the spirit did decend and stay even the spirit of great judgment and here is God's judgments the earth is full of wickedness and the devil going to and fro covers ears first. Angels & Demons has always been nothing new under the sun. Jesus is inside of the one body jointly fit together

  3. me and most of my family were saved and filled with the HOLY GHOST even me but none of us who have been called to preach were taught that praying in tongues because its demonic and they work in the powers of GOD, but that level of wisdom you have is far beyond anything i ever been taught and the ones who have spoke in the devils that were being cast out from another pastor tb joshua and the demon confessed that it was destroying peoples families killing the people close to them and the thing is i have never seen in any if his videos or the preachers under him speak in tongues they told me on facebook they do but i have never heard it and when i got saved i had laid hands on people one time and GOD didnt allow it to happen again

  4. What we need to seek is to know the heart of the LORD. We have lost the ability to recognize GOD'S character. HE doesn't change & we think HE accepts everything & loves everybody. That is not the truth. We have lost the fear of the LORD. HE mean's what HE say's & HE never changes.

  5. about sinning, when God tells you not to do it in your conscience, will you submit to God will for you or you will dismiss it and do your own thing. When God tells you not to do it, listen to God while you have time, as continuing in same mind thinking will produce – give birth to sin and you will not be able to stop it later. Stop it in beginning by submiting to God will.
    ESCHATOS greek word in Bible for last days (not sure is it in book of Acts) – 2078 รฉsxatos (from esxaton, "end, last") โ€“ properly, last, final (the furthest, extreme-end). There are last days (last 2000 years) and last of the last days (period we live now, last generation)

  6. yes very true.
    ESPECIALLY with the rapture watchers lol. they are so caught up in the rapture that they donโ€™t want to do anything for the kingdom, they donโ€™t want to live, and they donโ€™t try to plan for the future because โ€œthe rapture is soonโ€ lol.
    sadly, they waste MANY months and years of their life because they were waiting for the rapture to happen ๐Ÿ™

  7. So Robert your a flat earther right, this is what make me think it also, "every eye shall see" eg Jesus will be so high in the sky EVERYONE will see. No-one actually knows how high the sky is hahaha.

  8. I Got in Contact with a Seducing Spirit Last Night, But before I went to bed I Prayed for My dream And rebuked Every Demon that May come to me in my dream In Jesuses Name. Then I went to sleep And there I was with a seducing Spirit Because I'm young This Demon was disguised As a Young Pretty girl about my age. At the time in the dream, I Didn't know it was a dream And forgot about God and That This Girl could Be a seducing spirit. So i just Went along with It and Got tricked By this Demon, I Remember that I came along to about 2 or 3 Different Seducing spirits In One Night. But When I was asleep every couple of hours my cat Would wake me Up the whole Night, Could of that Be The Holy Spirit Trying to wake me up from these Demons?. Now in the morning I just remembered this dream And noticed they where seducing spirits I am very disappointed in myself That I let them do whatever they wanted to me.
    If this happened in real life I wouldn't let it happen, But when I was in the dream it's like you can't Control what you want to do It just happens.
    I was just wondering tho, Could these dreams just be my hormones Since I Have been Going threw Puberty For a Bit Of Time now.
    Whats going on?

    God bless You

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