EPIC Family Law & Biblical Research Expert David Jose – The Jesuits Part 2 0f 2

*** David’s Audio Volume Improved – MUST WATCH – David Jose is an epic researcher not only in LAW but also biblical analysis. Angie & I thoroughly enjoyed our interview with David and YOU will to. This is part 2 of a 2 part series. .

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  1. Had a whole lot of issues getting this interview uploaded. Reworked the voulme issue as good as I could. The part 1 video ended abruptly so this is the end of Part 1 and the full Part 2 video. Hopefully there no issues here. Once again folks, I know David's volume is low but I did my best so thank you for your patirnce. Also, tonight we have Dr. Judy Mikovits we are interviewing so we are very excited. God Bess you ALL. – jim

  2. Thank GOD for David. And for every single other person who comes on your show. I have finished the entire interview and my mind is blown. Everyone needs this information. I'm just a little no one on social media but I am going to share share share the crap out of this!!
    Thank you both, thank you so much for all you do.

  3. Some of your info is inaccurate. Harvard was Unitarian and Congregational. Yale was United Congregational or United Church of Christ. When you generalize and have inaccurate info, it makes me doubt other info you present. There are other inaccuracies that ypu present, but you seem sold on it.

  4. There’s a lot more to the story of English Bible translations than he seems to understand. I completed a four year degree in theology back in the 1990’s with the NIV being used as the base English translation. The newer edits I can’t comment on except I have heard some terrible things that seem to be founded in truth. However, the earlier edits of the NIV are more correct than we are lead to believe. The issue with the name for the fallen one of Isaiah and the name Jesus gives Himself in Revelation are confusing much in the same way that the understanding of Genesis 6:1-5 was misunderstood for possibly hundreds of years. I am, as a matter of fact, looking into the “lucifer” controversy more deeply and prayerfully, not simply letting any person’s teachings dictate my conclusions, but being led by the Holy Spirit and the Word. The Bible never contradicts itself; it is misunderstanding that causes people to believe the Bible is no longer the inerrant Word of God.

  5. You guys I am so mind blown. You know I'm commenting a lot on this guy I had been investigating CPS child trafficking cases and just listening to so many of you guys is videos starting about 2 months ago. I didnt know why I was listening to them then, other than I was really bothered at all the injustice going on with the parents and kids. A month ago CPS just comes and takes my son. And now in this video I'm listening to y'all speak about how that's how God works… I kind of figured that out Wed after listening to David's first video and praying..but so cool to just hear y'all say it too lol! Love u guys!

  6. Listen guys, I am a big fan of the show. This 2 part video was one of the most empowering and informative video I've ever had the luck to be able to see. I am.left wanting more of.this knowledge and I am.asking for any guidance there is to be had on these subject, where I can take these things and put them to use in my own community, and BREAK THESE CHAINS OFF and expose all these clowns out here.

  7. This is solid information, you need to get him back on ASAP, not next year! This whole bible fraud topic is something that needs to be fleshed out big time. There are so many church going people out there not realizing that they are grotesquely hoodwinked and actually serving Satan. He didn't clarify exactly how to sift through the bible to figure out which parts are satanic constructs, or is it all a Babyl (or buy bull) from Babylon?

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