Do Catholic Priests really encounter head spinning demons during an exorcism? What does the Catholic Church teach about Ghosts & Demons? 

On this episode of the Catholic Talk Show, the guys talk about exorcism, demons, ghost, and the supernatural in the Catholic Church.


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15 Replies to “Episode 8: Exorcism & The Supernatural In The Catholic Church | The Catholic Talk Show”

  1. I had a dream once where I was standing in the middle of a great hall made of stone and an altar was in the middle. I heard a noise behind me and two demons appeared. I was afraid and I saw a woman dressed in a purple dress with a crown on her head running towards me. She was pregnant and she ran past me towards the demons. My heart was on fire and I recited the Canticle of Mary as the woman bolted past me. There my dream ended.

  2. I have a question regarding possessions: Is there any reason why some people seem to be more "prone" to demonic possessions? Is it directly linked by dark activities that that person does or is there something else (like why are some small kids possessed?). Thank you and great show!

  3. Now a days, many don’t practice the True.
    Always store up – your House, Your Bag with Anointed Oil, Holy Water, And Salt ( Bless your Salt by Priest) – always remember whatever statues must Bless with Holy water.

    1) Gather your family 2 to 3 or more to pray the Entrustment of the Home to Mary Help of Christians.
    2) Invite the Holy Spirits by singing song “Come Holy Spirit, I need you”
    3) Prayers the Five Wounds of Jesus –
    4) Recite the Rosary together
    5 lastly; Pray the Act Of Consecration to Immaculate Heart Of Mary.
    6) Put Saint Michael card or Holy Name blessing at the main door and windows of your house. ( Bless it with Holy water )

    After you are done the last part, take the anointed oil, put a cross mark at every doors/gates and windows/ walls.
    Sprinkle salt at four corners Inside the house. Sprinkle Holy Water as well.

    Don’t skip the steps which I written. Nothing is short cut.

    Make sure your house have Crucifix and Mother Mary Statue.
    – Pray the Rosary daily and wear the scapular , sprinkle the holy water ( why I say sprinkle/put a cross at your forehead – it represent you cover yourself with pleasure blood of Jesus ) and ask Mother Mary to cover you with Mantle of Protection. and prayer to Saint Michael.

    They are many more to learn how to deal with demons and evils. Above are the basic and effective way to protect you.

  4. I have a question …
    when you were all talking about ghosts…Specifically when you quoted Saint Augustine, What about the Virgin Mary, angels or God/Christ himself granting a soul passage from purgatory to earth for whatever reason? Anything is possible with God. Saying a soul cannot return would mean God would never permit it. Just a thought. My idea/question was pulled from Dante’s Inferno, where certain souls in purgatory were permitted to visit earth “unfinished business”
    its just a book, but it definitely made me raise that question.

  5. Loved this episode! I learned so much from this episode and in watching and listening I've just realized that there is a spiritual battle going on in my life and particularly within my husband. For years I couldn't understand what was happening to him and who he was turning into. Living a life of sin and having no regard for the Lord. You guys made it very clear for me what is happening and what I need to do… exorcism on my husband, lol! All kidding aside, there is a dark force working in my family and by the blood of Jesus Christ, my Savior and Lord, and by His power that lives in me I will command it to leave as it has no authority over my house. I pray all five decades of the Rosary, The Devine Mercy Chaplet, The Memorare, and the St. Michael prayer everyday. Please pray for the salvation of my husband!!!

  6. Guys, This is the best episode yet. By FAR. Pastu Rick's passion was palpable, and Ryan D shared that very cool exorcism story. You guys hit the optimum balance between faith sharing and just hanging out. Ryan S, good catch on the heresy button, bud. I have to say, when Fr. Pagano said "We have to pray for our Bishops, and our priests," I literally shuddered. There was some spirit moving in this episode, guys. I really enjoyed this one.

  7. I don't know father, you should probably bless people's houses. Even if they're not experiencing any weird stuff, having a priest bless your house is just a good idea. You should bless the place you live and raise your family. People have priests bless their cars, candles, pictures, and pets too, why not the homes? I get that maybe you're short on time, but it's also a great way to get to know people in your parish and it shouldn't be something you have to do too frequently.

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