Eric Dubay Exposed; The Jews Do Not Control the World Part 2

Eric Dubay claims that the Jews Control the World:


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  1. What runs the world is a mafia of interests whose captains sit around the table and kiss each other's rings and smoke cigars and drink brandy, while their operatives are killing each other in the streets for turf. A species of "Jew" is part of this mafia, in the sense of descendants of converts to a religion that is essentially Babylonian mystery religion and Gnosticism (not the religion of the Old Testament e.g. Torah). Part of this group are the crypto-Jewish Freemasons. Both want revenge on "Rome" in the form of Europeans for A.D. 70.

    They stand in contrast to Torah Jews who, for example, objected to the state of Israel, saying they should not be there until Messiah led them back on his own terms, and what's with that hexagram (magical *HEX*) on that flag where a Menorah should be, if anything? (Not to mention that Masonic blue color scheme.)

    None of which justifies ethnic hatred of Hebrews.

  2. Danea Fisher: You need to go to school and focus on learning the basics before you compete in a world of ideas this important. There's no way to know (beyond a whim of history) what racial makeup Nimrod was, or this ridiculous "Kemet" you blacks keep yowling about. So maybe after you learn to read, write and think, you'll be able to contribute some truth, or maybe "one verse" in the song of life. But here you are, once again a victim of "white deception". I'll make it simple: if that's what you believe…prove it!

  3. The jesuits are just a jew made organization. If you just look at which group was organized first it makes sense. They only became a group in the past 500 years. Free masons have been around since around 900 ad. But the Jews go back to ruling in Babylon. With the same Jewish ass way of thinking from their bullshit Talmud. ALL Organized religion is bullshit!!! IT'S ALL MAN MADE!!!! STORIES FROM MEN TRYING TO CONTROL THE POPULATION!!! THE BIG BANG IS MADE UP!!!! I THINK WE ARE INSIDE SOME TYPE OF SIMULATION OR SOMETHING ALONG THOSE LINES. MAYBE WE ARE BEING JUDGED BY OUR DECISIONS IN THE END. LOL DON'T LET YOUR FAMILY HAVE TO WATCH TO FAP TO MANY TIMES.

  4. Thanks for this! The lions share of alt media i consume tends to be anit-Jewish in substance. I've long felt that the Jewish people are used as human shields by zionists. And one can't help harbouring resentment for having to finance zionist behavior via our taxes.
    I believe that we're all hardwired to find d and identify an "enemy" in our quest for understanding. Having watched a thousand educational vids on You tube, I'm just as confused and uncertain about who's responsible for this mess. Is the" bad guy" the Masons, the Catholics, the Jews, the Rothschilds, The CFR, the Islamic world? ? Perhaps I should be looking for common denominators at this point.
    An Anglican priest once told me that once you pick a side, you loose all objectivity.
    Thanks again. I shall watch this one again. ~ James

  5. Excellent and thank you for the knowledge base. I ask as one human to another that you please rplease please add to your knowledge (if you have not already done so) read the book "The Great Controversy" 1888 version written by Seventh Day Adventist Co-founder Ellen White. History is repeating and no book in full completely depicts Roman Political History and it's continual influnce in today's historic events. Please pick this book up and read it. I am available all time for further discussion.

  6. The the corrupt apostated Pharisees are the ones that control both houses that rule the worlds religions and governments. The Zionist Ashkenazi Jews and the Crypto Jesuits Jews and the Crypto elected popes. The Pharisees the seed of Lucifer were the ones that crucified the Messiah Yahushua. They have being trying to wipeout the remnant of the followers of Yahushua. By creating their owns human laws and traditions of Lucifer. They created Christianity through the Roman pagan Pontiff Constantine and now they want to destroy Christianity, to bring in the the religion of Lucifer, masonry. By their leading teaches of hegemonic Cabalistic and cardinal Catholicism that resided in the amalgamation of Zoroaster and the dark understanding of the ancient Babylonian religion rooted in the Tower of Babel.

  7. Man that sycophantic "Father" at the 40 minute mark is the ultimate definition of "whigger".  It's good to see videos pointing out ROME's hand in all this.  Catholic panderers like David Duke and Don Black are pretty sickening charlatans, living off of their "donors", and redirecting rightful white awareness away from the core problem by fixating on Jews.  Jews in no way act independently and all their actions serve a Roman agenda of Palestine resettlement.  Rome destroyed Jerusalem in 70 AD.  They do what they want.  If Jews were all powerful, there was no reason to infiltrate the Jesuit order, as some claim they did. 

    The Jesuit order was created to destroy rebellion empowered by the the Protestant colonies of the new world.  No amount of anti-Jewish anachronisms and revisionism will change that fact.  Organizations like League of the South seem pretty impotent, and crossover with Stormfront and more "hardcore" neo-nazi fronts.  Most of these are probably run by the FBI and just add fuel to the fire of leftist media outlets.  I watch a lot of this stuff from a distance, and Drake Shelton's and Eric Jon Phelps' videos are 10x more informative than the stuff Duke and co. rehash about "big noses" and "happy merchants" running everything from their base in NYC and Palestine, and their "racial" hatred of white European people over other groups like hostile Arabs, Chinese, or Indians.  You also have the "evolutionary psychology" angle thrown out by Dr. Kevin McDonald and others making it seem like some legit scholarly position, even though Jews don't differ all that much genetically from Levantine Arabs, who don't run banks and Hollywood studios. 

    The Stormfront guys are darlings of SPLC and ADL (what would these millionaire groups do without them?), are disingenuous and have laughable reasons for not considering Jews a Caucasoid subgroup just because they lived on the wrong side of the Mediterranean.  They define "white" as "Christendom", but forget that much of the old Christian world was North African and Middle Eastern white Caucasian people before Rome founded Islam as a (more) militant fanatical wing of itself.   The same cult leaders will tell you Philistines were a white people, as were Hittites and Persians, but Jews were a "mixed mongrel Asiatic" people.  It's a bunch of bullshit.  Learning about fanatical Catholic anti-Jewish sentiment over the years puts it all in place though.

    They pretend that Europe is even a continent, and that the white race was somehow confined therein.  "Europe" is pretty much the dominion of Roman Catholicism before the great schism.  It is not a continent.  Africa and Asia are land-connected to Europe.  Also, people living outside of the continent of Europe in North America, South America, Australia, and South Africa are considered white, but historical peoples of the Middle East were not, even though historic depictions and modern descendants show strong white Caucasoid features.  It just goes to show what a joke the "pro-white" movement is.  It is reactionary to the anti-white movement started by Catholicism, but not because of race, but because Protestants reverted to what Rome deems as "pagan barbarism".  Greco-Romans have always viewed the northern tribes as such.  Study up on Arminius or the Goths if you think Rome is friend to the Germanic or Gaelic/Irish tribes.  They take our own people and make us "civilized", and in Catholicism's sense, we become "universal" if we convert to their faith.  Non-universal = rustic, pagan, and worthless, and good for the fire.  (which in Medieval times was a literal one).

    As soon as I see Drake Shelton or Eric Phelps interviewed on a major outlet like CNN, or so high in the pop-cultural consciousness to mentioned in hit shows like the Sopranos, I may not see Duke and others as not total Roman shills.  To me voices like these seem obscure and buried.  Duke, on the other hand has become to "white supremacy" what "Einstein" has become to "genius". 

    The Upper South and Texas is Rome's main target right now, just like Jews were in the middle ages. The Jews were chased out of countries all throughout the middle ages because Catholics could not convert them, and it would seem hypocritical to stage an open genocide against them (HITler was their hired HITman for that).  They did the same to Saxons and others before they eventually converted, but then they reverted to "barbarous rebellion" in the Reformation.  The common stereotype of a hillbilly is that of a wild barbarian in the Appalachian mountains.  They know that this group is the most vital to the winning of the Revolutionary War and opening up America as a bastion of freedom from their persecution.  The war has been waged on them since at least the Civil War.  Many Appalachians and Texans (the same group if you have read "American Nations") are being won over to serve the Hollywood complex, like Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears and Dolly Parton.  This is a mark of defeated people, just like Jews serving as filth peddlers in Hollywood is more a mark of their defeat than domination.

    BTW, I should note that the movie Goya's Ghosts depicted the Inquisition. 

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