Eric Jon Phelps – All Roads Lead to Rome

Hear a candid interview with one of the foremost conspiracy experts, author Eric Jon Phelps.
Brother Eric’s determination to uncover the truth is unsurpassed and his book, “Vatican Assassins- wounded in the house of my friends.” is the only history book you’ll ever need.
That is if you’re interested in TRUE history and not the watered down version they’re teaching your kids in school this morning.
To really understand the New World Order, the plans for mankind and the future of America you must first start with history.
History repeats itself and is written by those who are victorious in battle and THAT is why everything we’ve been taught is a lie.


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  1. Do not be fooled by these two Roman Catholic Jesuit shills. as Eric Phelps and Brian Denlinger both teach a false gospel of works which is nothing more than Roman Catholic works in disguise. Eric Phelps is a Calvinist, and did you know that John Calvin received his false TULIP gospel from Roman Catholic heretic Augustine who was later made a false saint by the Satanic RC Church..
    John Calvin was a Jesuit agent who attended the very same collage as founder of the Jesuits "Ignatius Loyola."
    Both John Calvin and Martin Luther continued to teach the Roman Catholic traditional heresy of "infant baptism," which is a huge perversion of the gospel of Christ, as its simply not found in scripture. BE NOT DECEIVED.
    These guys are what's known as COINTELPRO agents, who will often pretend to expose the Roman Catholic Church only to then give you the very same false works gospel that's promoted by the Roman Catholic Harlot so BE NOT DECEIVED..

  2. Thank you, Sir. May God continue to Bless and Keep you and your family and loved ones safe. I've been trying to show my loved ones and friends how evil, satanic & greedy the jesuits are and therefore the Pope and the Vatican also for sanctioning them. The catholic 'religion' is a pagan sun worshipping cult at it's center and most catholics have no clue. I talk with well educated catholics who have no knowledge of the history and tragedy of their 'church', they did not know that the vatican is the wealthiest entity in the world. They know nothing of the early Christian Church's writings, some only one or two people removed from Jesus's Disciples, they've no idea they are feeding the beast that murdered, pillaged and destroyed the early Christians and the first Gospels, the earliest written Teachings of Jesus and his Disciples. They didn't know it wwas Infiltrated and conquered by the Romans which changed the early Christian Church into a mirror image of the Roman political system and also to a pagan cult. Thankfully these early writinvs and teachings which were hidden from this destruction are being found and restored, though much of these are hidden in the vatican's vault. But God's Plan will always be Victorious. More will be found as needed. Again, thank you for your hard work and research to set straight the true history of our Republic Nation, may She be Great again as the people begin to wake up. Do you have plans to expose how the vatican created islam? I've heard of this and would not doubt it to be true, a jesuit tool to defeat Israel and take Bethlehem, what a sacrilege, And now to use islam against America. I was horrified that Israel gave the pope Jesus's seat in the upper room of the Last Supper, why…

  3. He is on point until he mentions slavery. dude no form of slavery is better than the other. It's wrong and dehumanizing. Forced miscegenation started with the slavemaster when he raped the slave girls! The so called inferior race had something he coveted.

  4. Wow, that is one powerfully packed presentation. You cannot deny that his reasoning is based on how intricately he sees history and our places in it. Amazing amount of knowledge and applies it well. His insight is laser sharp on seeing deceptions. ~*~

  5. This guy is my guide to the "real past". History as we have been taught is flawed[putting it lightly] much like one huge deceptive lie! No need to look to any other source for the truth behind the wars, laws, education, and economic system. They even control the satanic entertainment industry(porn) through mafia! These Jesuits are off the chain evil.

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