Eric Jon Phelps – The Bolshevik Revolution explained

Eric Jon Phelps – The Bolshevik Revolution explained


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  1. the seven heads are Babylon,Media-Persia,Greece ,Rome,Paple–Rome,America,United Nations which is the seventh ( also described as the ten kings which have power for one hour)and the eighth which is of the seven is Paple Rome which received the mortal wound after 1798 ,,,at which time it lost it's lands and it's influence and so it's despotisms are forgotten about so much so that the UN(the dragon) gives it's authority to Paple Rome to have them deal with the Muslim situation which has morphed into an unstoppable clamity well beyond the false flag operations performed under the instigation of the "false prophet"America.Once the Pope is in charge…Lucifer will present himself as Jesus and the Muslim controversy will evaporate.This false Jesus will claim the sanctity of the seventh day of the week has been changed to first day of the week .People will be confused ..Like today they assume that Catholism is an expression of Bible Christianity so they let the eighth head have its way with those it deems heretic.its the Reformation in repeat.once everyone on earth has decided their stand on the issue by their actions,probation is closed and the decree…" let those who are holy…" goes forth from Jesus's lips .The Holy Spirit ceases his ministration and the cup of Indignation is poured out.once the cup is emptied Jesus and the host of heaven come and collect His sheep.

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