Eric Jon Phelps – The Jesuit Control Of The Banking System

Eric Jon Phelps – The Jesuit Control Of The Banking System

The Fact of the matter is quite clear to see, the Rothschild’s are nothing more than bankers for the Black Pope. All evidence points to this fact. The Rothschild’s are knights of the British Empire and Knights of Rome. Any critical thinker would know that if you are being honoured with rewards and Knighthoods, you are most certainly NOT at the top of the food chain.

Notice their titles such as “Baron de Rothschild” or “Baron von Rothschild”. Before the dissolving of the Holy Roman Empire, a Baron was the title given by the Emperor to his subjects. Today the Rothschild’s still bear this title..They are guardians of the Papal treasure.

As can be seen by the following factual quotations:”It is a somewhat curious sequel to the attempt to set up a Catholic competitor to the Rothschilds that at the present time (1905) the latter are the guardians of the papal treasure.”The Jewish Encyclopedia (published 1901 – 1906; Vol. 2, p. 497)


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  1. The Roman Catholic Institution is the Whore of Revelation 17 and 18, and Jesus has promised to destroy her and all those with her. The jesuits are from hell. They are ruthless. They are without mercy. Their god is Lucifer. They are preparing the Next Inquisition in the U.S. and the rest of the world. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!! THE ONLY HOPE IS JESUS CHRIST.  ( JOHN 14:6.) THERE IS NO SALVATION IN THE ROMAN CATHOLIC INSTITUTION. IF YOU DIE CATHOLIC YOU ARE LOST FOREVER.

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