I’m relatively new to the world of Big Bore Airguns. The truth is that I shied away from them because I really didn’t have an understanding of their usefulness in the sport. That all changed back in August of 2014 when PyramyAir agreed to provide a sampling of Big Bore Airguns to the Monthly Havasu Airgunners Fun Shoot event. After the event I was convinced that I absolutely HAD to know more about these airguns. One of the “heroes” of the day was the Evanix Tactical Sniper .45 Caliber. This airgun not only looks amazing, but is very easy to shoot and packs a huge punch. It’s designed for hunting large game out to 40 yards that’s what this review is focusing on today.

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25 Replies to “Evanix Tactical Sniper .45 Cal – by Airgun Expert Rick Eutsler / AirgunWeb”

  1. hello rick I first off must say I like your videos keep'em coming anyway im in the market to purchase another airgun and lie always it always come down to two for me to decide on so heres where I need your input I torn between the gladius 25 cal long and evanix rainstorm ii.im looking for high shot count per fill which I have the air venturi carbon tank and shoebox compressor but I do a lot of back yard pesting my neighbors usaually away when shooting,lol and then I cant seem to remember the hawk scope with amx in the 200 price range,so like I want a gun that's medium to low in loudness I currenty have the marauder 25 cal and hatsan sniper 125 which is loud and heavy so between the evanix and gladius which is lighter quite and like I said shot count per fill.which isn't a big deal also which has highest ft lbs of energy within 25 to 50  yards thanks

  2. Well i guess the Americans will buy anything with those looks and "sniper" in the name
    but groups like that at 40 yds i'll call it by another name, there are guys on you tube can get better groups than that with a homemade catapult, and if i needed to be within 40 yds of a black bear to shoot it with one of these big bore air rifles then the bear can have a happy day knowing i,m back at home on the internet searching for a usable tool for hunting and not a psuedo assualt rifle gimmick

  3. How can you call a rifle(air rifle or not) a "hunting" rifle at only 40 yd accuracy?
    "Sniper" rifle???
    Now that is funny.
    I have seen the better air rifles accurate at 100 easy – even with the lighter calibers.

  4. very informative, 40 to 50 yards !!! hardly deserves the moniker of "sniper" uk rifles are zipping out to 75 yards with a smaller cal and getting sub inch, hardly seems worth it to be honest, and you get what 6 usable shots, your mad

  5. Dear Airgun Expert,

    I am looking to buy this mind blowing Sniper. But since Evanix is made in Korea, I would like to know if it is reliable? Does it have any issues/problem?

    Looking forward for your reply.

    Thank you.

  6. Marketing it as a "sniper" using an air rifle platform… but only being accurate to 40 yards? I have springers that shoot more consistently. I just don't get why it's so difficult to manufacture a long range big bore air rifle. FX and daystate do it.

    Better barrel, regulated. Or picking a consistent ammo and building a gun around that would be a great way for a manufacturer to improve rifle accuracy.

  7. Ugggh! Could make it back in time to relax and listen to the new Radio Show! Was looking forward to it. Got to figure out what to do…exactly…to be able to log-in to communicate by way of Skype. Hope the show went well!:-) I'll catch next week's broadcast. Thanks, agw.

  8. Hi Rick
    I truly like your reviews and have a question…and a statement.
    1. I noticed that you are sponsored by two different companies…Pyremed and Airgun Depot. Are they affiliated with each other?
    2. You mentioned big game target areas are about 2-4 inches…in fact deer and similar game have an 8-inch diameter kill zone!!
    Keep up the great work…the videos are entertaining and informative.
    p.s. I would think the .45 caliber rifle would have a much greater hunting range…at least to 75…perhaps 100 yards??

  9. hola, les compre este rifle evanix sniper cal 22 y no puedo recargarlo lo intento con un compresor senco pc 1010 y nada tengo todo adecuado y nada, me pueden hayudar que me falta para recargarlo, gracias….

  10. Nice review as always Rick. I did a video on my .357 sniper a while back.  This rifle still amazes me each time I shoot it. I have held some pretty tight groups at 50 yards. I have shot a few venturi rounds down it as well as conventional powder burner slugs.  All shot pretty dang good.  For the most part I use the JSB pellets.  I have not tried round balls in mine as of yet.  It is getting hard in my area to find good shooting areas so my testing is limited right now.

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