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DISCLOSURE STATEMENT FROM KERI BURNOR NOTICE: “Prejudicing Catholics is clearly not the goal of the interview but is for efforts for exposing truth to effect reformation.”
A MUST WATCH – Part 1 of an Incredible – Each Part gets more intense – Believe me ! This is a 3 1/2 hour interview with Ex Catholic Nun Sister Keri Burnor. She gives us background of how she became a Nun, the sexual deviance that goes on in the church and how she became a targeted individual attacked by military grade Nano Technology.

Part 1 describes her eearly years and how she became a Nun. By the time you get to part 3, you will be blown away by her story.

Parts 2, 3 and for are being edited and will be released Tues, Wed and Thursday

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26 Replies to “EX CATHOLIC NUN WHISTLEBLOWER- KERI BURNOR – Part 1 of 4 – The Early Days”

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  2. The definition of Faith: Believing something that cannot be proven. Religion, not only the Catholic Church, but all religion is based on Faith. Why believe something that cannot be proven, when the reality of God and his plan for his children is available? Religion is an emotional, mental and spiritual opiate perpetuated and encouraged by Satan, preventing the people from seeking the Truth and God's Plan. A great awakening is coming!!

  3. I'm so sorry that I may have thought Keri was full of lies. I'm glad that I've spent some time researching her before commenting. I live 15 -20 miles both ways from where this lady was in Harvard, Worcester and Spencer MA. My family went through Hell with a situation that happened with our local catholic church's Father Dyer. May he burn in Hell I'm glad that I've forgiven and become a Born Again Christian! The Worcester court system is full of corruption and sorry to say that it will probably never change. I'm also what I believe a targeted person but, it's best I don't go there because, it can only get worse. May Jesus continue to watch over Keri and her loved ones. Thanks for this wonderful interview with a beautiful lady!

  4. The movie Spotlight tried to tell people what was going on. When I saw the movie, I was like, "I can't believe they allowed this movie to be done!" I was amazed at the information in that movie and people just thought it was entertainment. SMH.

  5. Thank you for speaking Sister, much Care to you All. 🙂
    I healed from a 21 year career in the Army…it's all ridiculous Theater due to the instilled and indoctrinated belief of others. All a big Game of nonsense. I am not bitter, just saying.
    Seems to me that more folks would be quickly reconsidering their definition of Natural by now. Maybe more are and I just can't feel it…
    Hope so.

    There is no such thing as authority, I don't care what piece of paper or story it comes from, not "man's authority over other man" type of "authority" anyway.
    Rights do not come from a piece of paper.

    -I have the Right to take any action at any time throughout the course of my Life that does Not Cause Harm to other Life.

    We were All born with that…it was instantly stripped by the established slave system and we were taught to believe in our captors.
    Realize and Internalize that Right of Life that Belongs to You, as that Belongs to All Equally.

    -I do Not have the Right to take any action that causes Harm to Other Life. (Unless I am Forced to Actively Defend Myself From an Outside, Uninvited Threat.)
    No system, belief, or justification exists to make it Right.
    The Consequences of our Past, Present, and Future are Ours to Live with, alone.

    It takes the healing of painful acceptance inside of a Life of brainwashing tricks, to find the Internal Spark of Infinite Spirit that Now Knows and will Stand and Speak for the Truth.

    The Truth that we are All Brothers and Sisters of the same Creator, and we have been made into an Energetically Vampiric Society that feeds on its self, while being Fed on by Greater Darkness.

    I Feel like One of very few trying to get Individuals to actually and Truly realize and Know their own Divine Energy, their "Higher Self", their Soul. I am trying to tell the other 7.6 Billion, all at once… it has yet to work.

    I need more help. We need help. Everyone has to Truly Know Themselves so they can Truly Live, and Truly Help.

    Please Know and Feel Natural Law (Non Agression Principle, Protection and Care in Line with Nature and "God")
    That is the Fastest Way to Expand the Conciousness and Empathy to almost infinite Knowing and Seeing of Deception.

    That is how You can make a Profound difference for Good in this World. When you Know, you can help Teach, as We All continue to Learn and Grow…Together.

    Much Care
    (Please Feel Free to View and Share any work from my channel that rings True. There is no agenda but to share Truth, freely and as quickly as possible. 🙂)

  6. Sister Keri, go to Henry Makow. (Canadian, ethnic Jew, wrote Illuminati–The Cult That Hijacked the World. and. Feminism–The Cruel Hoax) for lots of archived articles on how the Sabbatean-Frankist Babylonian Talmudic Zionists. created. the Jesuits, took over Freemasonry, infiltrated the RCC. with lots of Communists and homosexuals and pedophiles, etc. Also, Michael Collins Piper. exposed Malachi Martin as a Zionist mole. notice the spelling of Malachi? Not the same as Malachy, is it. He was a really good Jesuit wasn't he?

  7. The poor Monks were trying to be nice to her…she is clearly delusional and was proven in court. She even dressed up as a Nun with a wig and fake habit, they had to get a restraining order because she kept going there!!! It is a MONASTERY, wth was she thinking!!!! SHE and her type are the reason the have to be cloistered, lol. I feel both sad and creeped out by her perceptions of what Catholicism is….. but I will pray for her. She NEVER EVEN WAS AND IS NOT CURRENTLY A NUN!!!! The monk was 80 something for God's sake, had to explain in court….. (and he had a "girlfriend". OMG, GIVE ME A BREAK, LOL) help her, dear Lord, she needs your help.

  8. She is not and never, ever was a real nun. Not to be rude but she appears quite delusional. She kept hanging around there and even got to the point where she wore a wig and made her own habit until they got a restraining order.. She is verrrrrrrrrrrrrry 'confused'. I will be keeping her in my prayers. God bless.

  9. It really hurts to see all the negative comments about the Catholic church. I truly believe that the Catholic Church was founded by Jesus himself, and unfortunately has been corrupted by evil men. I feel if I walk away from the Church that gives those evil men the power and satisfaction. I went to Catholic school for 8 years and never was abused and don't know anyone who was, so not every priest is evil, there are a lot of wonderful priests out there. The Monsignor at my current church is one of the kindest men I have ever met. Having said all that, I never liked the current Pope, he is a globalist who is, imo, pushing the NWO, I think maybe the Catholic Church was infiltrated by the Jesuits to maybe destroy it from within? Another reason we can't all leave the Church, then they win.

  10. Being reared in a Catholic home and attending Catholic school, the most appalling fact to all of this is the control this church has on its congregation. God called me out of this demonic cult but my family remained in it and chastised me. It is so heart breaking to see so much delusion pulled over the eyes of Catholics. In my relationship with Jesus Christ, He is showed me the spirit of pride beneath this deception. Pride in you must be Catholic in order to be saved , after all it is the denomination that houses the Pope. It is a brainwashing that goes so deep. A cult that puts Mary first and idolizes her, even with a demonic prayer in her name. Come out of her my people and not partake of her wrath!!

  11. Awesome interview. Finally a speaker who doesn't simply throw blind claims and hope they stick! It seems all of Sister Keri Burnor's allegations are backed by verifiable documentation. Refreshing. I've downloaded her book and look forward to digging in.

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