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*** The Awakening *** DISCLOSURE STATEMENT FROM KERI BURNOR NOTICE: “Prejudicing Catholics is clearly not the goal of the interview but is for efforts for exposing truth to effect reformation.”

A MUST WATCH – Part 2 of an Incredible – Each Part gets more intense – Believe me ! This is a 3 1/2 hour interview with Ex Catholic Nun Sister Keri Burnor. She gives us background of how she became a Nun, the sexu@l deviance that goes on in the church and how she became a targeted individual attacked by military grade Nano Technology.

Part 1 describes her eearly years and how she became a Nun. By the time you get to part 3, you will be blown away by her story.

Parts 2, 3 and for are being edited and will be released Tues, Wed and Thursday

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  1. Praise the Lord for the preservation of this incredibly brave woman. My hope & prayer is that she has or will truly find Yeshua, our Savior as the ONLY HOPE of true salvation & realize that NO religion is of God…they are ALL man-made. Blessings on her!

  2. Thank you for sharing this information with us all. I'm sorry that I doubted Keri for a short time until I looked into it further. I live locally where this all happened and there's no longer a question of doubt. The Worcester court system is corrupt as it gets! Thank you Jesus for watching over your Angel to spread the truth!!

  3. The Catholic Church needs to be burned to the ground. Its the Apostate church talked about in the book of Revelation. Its always been corrupt & will remain so. Its not the church established by the Jesus & the Apostles in the New Testament. Its a merger of Babylonian Paganism with Christianity. The pope also known as the Vicor of Christ stands in place of Jesus. Such teachings are an abomination to God & Biblical teaching.

  4. sorry to say, there's a bunch of girls like keri who have been scammed by people of the cloth I was born and raised a catholic slap by the Bishop at communion and other man mad dogma that the evil empire threw at a slave so that being said Keri you need to talk to Ann Barnhart and familiarize yourself with personal survival skills, may the most high watch over you and those who step across the line of no return.

  5. I WAS CATHOLIC OR WAS BAPTISED SO. At 14 it dawned on me this is brain washing. Just what the priests were telling folks to do, say, believe at Sunday mass. I think i was born with an instinct to spot a cult and I had an instinctive fear that steered me away from that shit. Right n wrong good or bad. You just have to know and trust your instinct. not priests or bishops or the pope

  6. I like her.. genuineness is refreshing..truth shall set us all free..a real Nun in the good way..im so proud of her..i love Jesus myself..she right about communication with God being cut off..fast..responsibly..reconnect.. Reground..

  7. Give me a break!! SHE NEVER, EVER WAS NOR IS A NUN. The Monastery is for MEN clerics, MONKS! She was obsessed to the point she disguised herself by wearing a wig and made a fake habit and they even had to get a restraining order on her….if anything, IMO SHE was harassing the poor old monks. God forgive her. Those Monks are self supporting and ARE NOT JESUITS they are TRAPPIST MONKS and wouldn't have nano technology or bugging devices….it is ridiculous…She is either very troubled mentally or evil or under the influence of the evil one.
    Monk Cleared of Indecent Assault

    By Jennifer Lucarelli
    Telegram & Gazette
    March 14, 2003

    – An 84-year-old monk at St. Joseph's Abbey in Spencer was found not guilty yesterday of fondling a woman while spiritually advising her.

    A jury of five women and one man found the Rev. Joseph Chu-Cong not guilty of a single count of indecent assault and battery of a person over 14. The verdict came after just over an hour of deliberation in Western Worcester District Court.

    The defense had attacked the 27-year-old woman's credibility, saying she had impersonated a nun and had an obsession with the abbey.

    The woman, Keri Burnor, of North Brookfield, testified yesterday that she was studying to become a hermetic nun and began calling herself "Sister Keri."

    She testified that she asked to speak with Rev. Chu-Cong on Aug. 23, 2001, about a book he wrote about spirituality and contemplation, and afterward she confessed her sins to him in a conference room in the guest house of the abbey.

    She then said she stood up and gave Rev. Chu-Cong a hug, and he "moved forward in his chair," and she began to feel uncomfortable.

    "I went to gather the two or three books I had brought with me, and he reached over and grabbed my left breast," she said.

    In April 2002, Ms. Burnor filed a complaint against Rev. Chu-Cong with St. Joseph's Abbey.

    Rev. Isaac Keeley, who was serving as the prior of the abbey, began investigating the incident.

    During his testimony yesterday, Rev. Keeley said the abbey community had been having problems with Ms. Burnor because she had not taken her vows as a nun and was not a member of any church.

    "She created her own habit, presenting herself as a nun — impersonating and misrepresenting herself," he said. "She presented herself as a hermetic nun of the St. Joseph's Abbey, of which she was not a member.

    "She would greet the guests that visited the abbey while wearing her habit and she would introduce herself as 'Sister Keri,' and our community is made up of monks," Rev. Keeley said. "She was impersonating a nun and would spend hours after the services inside the chapel, which primarily opened for prayer."

    Ms. Burnor contended, during her testimony, that Bishop Daniel P. Reilly of the Worcester Diocese has allowed her to pursue becoming a hermetic nun under his guidance and that she does is not required to be part of a specific order.

    In August 2002, after a formal complaint was filed with the state police in Auburn, Abbot Damian Carr of St. Joseph's Abbey issued a no-trespassing order to Ms. Burnor, saying she was not allowed on the property.

    Ms. Burnor admitted that she had visited the abbey in a wig, hat and other disguises. The most recent visit was three weeks ago, she said.

    "I couldn't stay away from the wall," said Ms. Burnor, referring to the wall that separates the visitors of the chapel from the sanctuary.

    "It is a spiritual symbol of God's arm and heart — I used to kneel there and put my head on it and kiss the wall," she added, crying. "Other people just saw it as a wall."

    "I missed my wall," she said. "But now I have a picture of the wall on my own wall, so I won't be going back to the abbey."

    Rev. Keeley testified that Ms. Burnor had asked for exceptions to the abbey's rules so she could form a special relationship with the abbey.

    Rev. Keeley said her request to be part of the abbey was denied for two reasons.

    "We don't allow outsiders to be a part of our monastery," he said. Also, Rev. Keeley said, Ms. Burnor seemed to be suffering from emotional problems.

    While testifying, Ms. Burnor said other priests at the abbey had become "romantically interested" in her. "I don't want to divulge their names because I want to protect them," she said. "But I brought those concerns to the abbot as well, and nothing was done."

    During his testimony, Rev. Chu-Cong said he had agreed to serve as her spiritual adviser, but only if she agreed not "to hang around the guest house" and other areas on the property where she was not welcome.

    When asked if he fondled her breast, he emphatically said: "Not at all sir, not at all, not at all."

    Rev. Chu-Cong said he did speak with her on Aug. 23, 2001, about spirituality and contemplative ways, but said he did not hear her confession.

    "She hugged me aggressively afterwards and hung onto my neck," Rev. Chu-Cong said. "Then she gathered her one or two books and left the room."

    Rev. Chu-Cong said they met accidentally three other times in the guest house. "And again she hugged me, three times," he said.

    In his closing arguments, defense lawyer Thomas McEvilly said Ms. Burnor is not believable.

    "She has an obsession with the abbey and the monastery," Mr. McEvilly said. "She admitted going there when she wasn't welcome and wearing disguises like a wig, hat and different clothing."

    Mr. McEvilly said she desperately wanted to fulfill her needs of being part of the abbey. "She had set forth conditions that she would withdraw the allegations, but only if she could carry out the terms of her obsession by going to the abbey whenever she wanted," he said.

    In his closing arguments, Assistant District Attorney Anthony J. Marotta asked the jury why Ms. Burnor would make up this story. "If she's going to make up something, she could have made up a better story," he said. "No one did anything about her being marginal mentally until five days after she filed the criminal complaint."

    Judge Paul A. Losapio instructed the jury around 3 p.m. and the verdict of not guilty was read at 4 p.m.

    After the verdict, Ms. Burnor declined to comment.

    Rev. Keeley and Rev. Chu-Cong also declined to comment, instead deferring to Abbot Carr, who issued a statement.

    "The community of St. Joseph's Abbey rejoices with Fr. Joseph Chu-Cong in the 'not guilty' verdict handed down today in his trial at the East Brookfield District Court. Jesus himself has taught, 'The truth will set you free.' Fr. Joseph, freed from burden of a false accusation, is happy to continue with his ordinary monastic life," the statement reads.

    It continues, "No monk likes litigation, but this trial was the unavoidable step that had to be taken to establish Fr. Joseph's innocence of the charge brought against him. Today's 'not guilty' verdict is a necessary first step to restore to Fr. Joseph his natural, moral and civil rights to a good name."

    "We invite you to join us in prayer for all persons who thirst for justice and who labor for peace in the great journey of life," the statement concludes.

  8. Everyone needs to read The Franklin Coverup, it’s free online. Boys Town the Catholic Orphanage they made the movie about years ago, was supplying boys to pedophiles on a national level and it involved very powerful people, politicians, businessmen, police chiefs etc. folks this sick stuff goes far and wide, there is a day of reckoning for the evil doers.

  9. These interviews are completing the picture for me and validating SO MUCH I have learned AND INTUITIVELY/INSTINCTIVELY known and figured out, or been compelled to stay away, or shut up in certain situations, been even protected no doubt in poking the wasp's nest .. WOW! I'm IMMENSELY GRATEFUL for this interview, for Keri, for you guys at Victorus Libertas. God be with us all at this final juncture of cleansing the evil from this earth !!


  11. A " Survival" of a male's hand one second on her breast ? Police, crime, newspapers ? She had forgiven to that man who lost his mind one second, good, I wonder what she could have done to him if she did not have forgiven him, I thought she had been raped by the whole monastery. I feel better knowing that she survived :))
    Didn't she say that priest was jewish?

  12. Washington D.C flag has 3 RED DOTS on it, signifying 3 city-states. Each of these cities is there own country. 1) Washington D.C. 2) Rome-vatican 3) Inner London- financial district.
    Rome is in charge of all 3 city-states, Washington D.C is there military arm, and inner London (which is the world's money capital is run by Jesuits for Rome-Vatican. Rome claims to be the spiritual leader of these 3. Rome controls the money ( which also includes the petro dollar) and U.S military does her bidding.
    When Rome announced it was going for world domination and was in search of a military to do its dirty work, its current choices were Soviet Union and U.S.A.
    Ronald Reagan while President quickly align this country with Rome in joint operation for world domination. So Rome now empowers U.S.A with all its finances to achieve such status.
    The reason U.S military is so powerful is because of the money policies it gets from Rome throu inner London. Its having all this money is what makes U.S military so powerful. The U.S. has about 700 hundred military basis around the world where there's only 195 countries on the planet. The reason the U.S dollar hasn't completely collapsed is because Rome keeps propping it up until it achieves world domination status. Rome, she lays guised in the background as a Christian organization. Vatican is a geo political state who has embassies all over the world. Rome is a fascist pagan hearted mindset wrap in Christian clothes. Rome always lay in the background while it employs front people and organizations to do her dirty work. The Vatican is satan's house. The pope is his right hand man who he speaks to on a daily basis. The Vatican has been one of the most corrupt institutions ever on the planet earth.

  13. Had to buy a Wizard of OZ Painting? Nope.

    Also, any true nun would know that the reason the priest acts in persona Christi in the confessional is because Jesus breathed on the apostles and gave them the power to forgive sins. Since there is an unbroken lineage from Jesus through the laying on of the hands at the ordination of every new priest by the Bishop for 2000 years until today, when I go to confess my sins to Jesus in the confessional I am receiving absolution by the Holy Spirit through the very breath of Christ.

  14. Religion is corrupt and it ALL comes from Babylonian roots. There is nothing wrong with your soul and you don't need saving. Your soul is there for you. My soul led me out of our family's sick religion. The salvation thing is slavery. You are free.

  15. There are controversial comments that the catholic church is run by a group of people which would be using following Jesus deception. The media and Hollywood is controlled by such people, this is telling. It is a select elite that control and feel above the rest of humanity. Certain individuals read books based on kabbalah. I addressed someone of this faith, they believe in two books with opposite ideals. Babylon teachings, which teaches some are more special and do not have to pay for crimes, this group can treat others anyway they choose, and others, not them, are accountable. The rest of us are compared to animals to be used as such. People who want to commit crimes and don't want to feel empathy will call another group names to divide their humanity from another's humanity. Look at the negative names we call each other in our history. It is a divide and conquer tactic. We are always controlled by political correctness. Millions of people like gypsies and undesirables suffered during the holocaust, however we are mostly used by guilt by only one certain group of people. The original followers of Christ called the movement "The Way," it was defiled by the people that did not accept Christ. Please see this video as I am trying to explain this to you.


    There is a lot of confusion, but be aware that God is not the author of confusion. There is another that deceives and creates chaos and confusion. God bless you, please keep yourself safe, wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove. Peace.

  16. Apparently there is no book big enough to record all the crimes of the catholic church. They cannot contain their evil to those accepting their system willingly, they have to brutalize everyone under their satanic control violating our sovereignty, natural law and free will. I pray God, our Father, will put an end to the evils of Babylon and deceptions. This is excellent research. I pray for the protection of this woman from the wiles of wickedness, send angels to surround her and keep her safe. Let everything evil be exposed for all to see.

  17. VLTV: Wow! If part 1 blew your socks off, 2 will finish the job with your toenail polish!! Amazing story by a remarkable young woman.

    Til Tomorrow when part 3 comes out! Can't wait

    Pamela Olson
    Founder SaveOurChildren

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