16th Century Jesuit claims true agenda is to gather wealth and power for the catholic church at the expense of the most vulnerable. MORE LINKS BELOW:

Monita Secreta “Secret Instructions of the Jesuits”:

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Bible Prophecy Fulfilled & What is NEXT (Playlist):

Biggest Event in History About to Happen:

Proof Daniel 9 was Fulfilled in 2009:

Proof Daniel 12 was Fulfilled in 2012:

Proof Revelation 12:1-5 was fulfilled October 16, 2012

Revelation 12 in Movies & TV:
The Dragon Falls to Earth & Changes History:
PART 1: https://vimeo.com/89816318

Escape from the Serpent: Proof for the Rapture:

SEVEN SEALS: 4 Horsemen are Here & ESCAPE is Next:

SEVEN TRUMPETS: Meteorite Hits Earth:

SEVEN CANDLESTICKS: 7 Categories for 7 Billion Humans

Ancient Calendar Appointments for the Future:

Appointed Signs in 2014:

Why a Third Temple Does NOT Need to be Rebuilt Before Christ Returns: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vctbIhuNu4E&list=PLh4QY-6dLCJSqwAlU9neCg4ZFV6OKrpxh&feature=share&index=1

The Dragon the Beast and the Harem:

Bible Predicts Asteroid will Strike the Atlantic Ocean?!

Asteroid: Ancient & Modern Warnings of Coming Impact
Part 1: https://vimeo.com/85055781
Part 2: https://vimeo.com/85061834
Part 3: https://vimeo.com/85588143
Part 4: https://vimeo.com/85589438

Noah’s Flood Timeline Started in 2001:

Pt 1 HELL: Asteroid Impact & Nuclear Meltdown:

Pt 2 HELL:

Pt 1 Body Snatchers in the Bible:


Evidence Comet ISON Fulfilled Maya & Hopi Predictions:

Mayans, HOPI, Egyptians, Bible, Comet ISON, and Rapture:

Bible, Egyptians, Mayans, Planet X & Rapture:

Investigation of the Book of Genesis:
Aliens Masquerading as God for 6000 Years?

Apocalypse: Removal of the Veil:

Biblical Texts with original Hebrew and Greek Definitions:


11 Replies to “Ex Jesuit’s Book Reveals True Agenda”

  1. wow amazing stuff. Thanks Nania.

    These people are absolutely disgusting.  I grew up in a catholic family and always rebel against it. I am so glad now I know the truth.
    I think that God protects his elect. 

  2. Where do the zionist jews and their butt kissers fit into all of this? In league with the catholics? And then you have the protestant evangelists who historically support israel under the presumption that the jews are the chosen ones. Great video and find, thanks for sharing! 

  3. Nice work, Nania! Incredible stuff here. It's shocking to see this sinister agenda so clearly written in black and white. It's no conspiracy THEORY…but conspiracy FACT. Those monsters should all be hung by their scrotums and left to die, slowly and painfully for all the misery and suffering they've caused and continue to impose all over this planet. Everyone…EVERYONE….needs to see this!

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