PKD’s “Empire Never Ended” – Roman Empire… Catholicism… Jesuit world dominion – Beginning of “hot” totalitarianism – Police State – Surveillance State – Links between CIA and Knights of Malta – Fr. Edmond Walsh SJ playing off US Government and Stalin – Importance of Cardinal Spellman – Reinhardt Gehlen and the CIA – Return of Eugenics – Paperclip, CIA and MK-Ultra nothing more than a mix between American Eugenics and Nazism – Allegiance of Nazis, American Intelligence and Vatican regarding Ratlines – Pope Piux XII fond of Fascists – Slovakia and Croatia as Clero-Fascist regimes – Hitler overseen by Father Stampfel SJ – Holocaust, Stalin’s Purges and the activities of the Ustasha nothing but Inquisitions – Romanoid structures circling in a vortex – Re-introduction of Eugenics? – Pharmacratic Inquisition on the horizon? – Black Papacy shall never dispense with puppet “White” Pope due to legitimacy of English and American fiefs – Percy dynasty and Papal bloodlines dwarf Rothschilds in terms of wealth.


2 Replies to “Examination of Romanoid mechanisms of despotism and Inquisitional tactics.”

  1. The Serbs and Jews in Serbia where murdered, because they where not Catholics. Not because of their race.
    The race stories of the Nazi's where merely a cover-up for another agenda.
    You forget the Farnese. The Farnese come up a lot in European history as a Papal bloodline.

  2. There is a Colonna working as a high up at General Electric, that being Paul colonna who went to Jesuit Georgetown prep, and according to the new catholic us Supreme Court judge Brett Kavanaugh “what happens at Georgetown prep stays at Georgetown prep, and that has been very beneficial to us”…

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