Vatican expert, Leo Zagami, joins Alex Jones live via Skype to break down Cardinal Pell’s preparation to stand trail for child abuse, and the battle between Jesuit Priests and the Knights of Malta.

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23 Replies to “EXPERT: Coup Taking Place In The Vatican As Cardinal Pell Stands Trial For Child Abuse”

  1. All true Christian catholics MUST be prepared to leave the church as you will not be able to practice any form of worship of Jesus.  As a catholic I have already left as there are too many teaching that are NOT Biblical.  I am grateful to know laymen and Priest who are born again and sold out to the Lord and true to His Word, even met a Jesuit who is, but the church is going to persecute ALL members who will not tow the NWO line and you will be forced to compromise your faith in Jesus and you will have to choose,,,,  JESUS or the church.  I am sure the third secret of Fatima was a prophecy that foretold the apostasy of the Pope and the church and will persecute faithful followers of God and Jesus. Be ready and prepare, it WILL HAPPEN

  2. You're delusional, the vatican will continue to get away with their crimes because it is only one man being exposed. They can simply disown him and continue to do what they want, there is no coup in the vatican and there is no coup against Trump. They're all globalists and a trial or conviction will not stop them because they own everything.

  3. Trump is going to have to learn how to accept me and who i am and come to terms with me not meaning any harm and adjust to meeting a man who is not by any means a threat but is their to share I the gift that is life ad this opportunity to finally make corrections never dreamed possible even to the most optimistic in the past

  4. Big religions are all about control of the masses. The Catholics are closing numerous churches here in Canada. Pedophilia is probably the biggest reason and secondly I believe people just are not interested in this institution which will not let Priests get married or Women become Priests.Thirdly I believe the residential school(First Nations) system run by the Catholics and the Protestant Churches has contributed to their demise.Thank you.

  5. Lord, I pray that you will supernaturally collapse this court case against Infowars.
    I also claim your precious Blood of Protection over Infowars; over this over all Truth Tellers, their families. In Jesus Name. Amen.

  6. The Book Of Mormon has scripture in it that talks about the Great Whore of the earth and I know it was talking about the Catholic church but I wasn't sure but I'm 100% sure now. I have tons of Catholic friends and relatives who are very great people just like most Catholics. Its the leaders of the church and their false doctrine that is evil.

  7. The Creator came down to show us how to live with one another and how to treat each other. He did not mean for people of faith to start churches and religions to control and to feed off the people. Churches are corporations who will do anything for profit.

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