Truth Hertz with Charles “The great yahweh slayer” Giuliani.
Topic: Exposing the Jesuits Part I and II.


About: Charles has degree’s in history, theology and education.
His hobbies include biking, hiking, playing guitar,writing, and collecting
fossils, minerals, ancient artifacts and meteorites. Charles has written
20 mostly-self-published books on subjects ranging from alternative
science to history, politics and theology. He has also worked in
public broadcasting for 9 years. Charles started out with his own
local cable access TV show and later moved into radio broadcasting.


2 Replies to “Exposing the Jesuits Part I – II [Truth Hertz]”

  1. I have to believe it's all about collecting the wicked together so that the Creator can see their actions and give to us the proof of their condemnation. It keeps me sane and able to go on in this horrible reality. Thanks for the info Charles.

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