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  1. Their god is not the True God, the Creator. It's the devil.
    Their Jesus is not the ture Christ, it's the antichrist.
    Their "virgin" is not Mary, who was a mere human, they worship this "virgin" under many names, and she is the mother of the antichrist.

    OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE, Catholicism is the ultimate beast system, that will bring the antichrist (ANTI means IN THE PLACE OF, not just AGAINST) through whom people will worship the dragon, who is the devil! Bible exposes all of this, that's why early Christians were killed for owning the Bible.

  2. this is not Godly or Christ like…. I don't see the Pope as Godly! I see a lot of homosexuality against children, (God's children enflicted w/ emotional and physical scars by so called men of Christ and it being covered up by the wicked! read the king James Bible for the truth!… all will answer for their sins!

  3. God will have you ALL sorted out, on your Judgment day.  You all can make your own rules and have your cult, and play dictator,  manipulate the world in your favor,  but in the end, you will lose to Jesus Christ, Hope your ready for it.    Amen.

  4. Would it not be better to ask a Jesuit priest about this first? The Catholic Church is much more open than it used to be so I wouldn't believe they practice this today. Maybe 100s of years ago but certainly not today.

  5. St. Ignatious Loyola was a Marano Crypto-Jew same as Martin Luther, Oliver Cromwell, Henry VIII. If you think Protestantism is good then why do you suppose when Queen Elizabeth was corronated that some men from the ORDER OF THE DRAGON had to hold a tent around her and her head while the Protestant Pastor or what ever they call him annointed her head with the sign of the cross??? Because she's actually a high witch queen of high witch queens and he wasn't annointing her with the sign of the cross a mark of Cain perhaps, a star of Remphan which thing God told Gideon he hated. The Catholic Church stopped the Jesuits one time before in history and less than 2 years later these crypto-fake Khazarian/AshkeNAZIm/Mararo jews/Satanists formed the Illuminati instead. Starting with John 23 they successfully infiltrated the Vatican they physically incapacitated the real Pope Paul VI and they replaced him with a Jesuit Imposter Look A Like Pope Paul VI who immediately created and pushed through the Vatican II which was an Illuminati/Zionist attempt to 'protestantize' the Catholic Church so it could weaken it and water it down to be more mainstream to fit in with their NWO not for Jesus Christ but Zionism is all about Lucifer. The Catholic Church up to that point had been the only entity on the face of the planet that had been single handedly holding off the NWO. Prince Charles, William or George is the Antichrist watch THE ANTICHRIST AND A CUP OF TEA. The reformation is the worst thing that has ever happened to the world. Jesus Christ said that there would be both BAD and GOOD in his church. He instructed us to be wise as serpents and meek as doves. Meaning know what the illuminati and Lucifer are up to and how they operate. Meek as doves means to submit, be under, patient and long suffering. Jesus Christ promised us that the gates of hell would NEVER (prevail) against his church. I think the word prevail certainly implies an attempt and I think there has been an ongoing unceasing attempt to destroy his church. But we have the Eucharist which is our grace and we have the Rosary!!! Which is a mighty weapon against evil.

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