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  1. I got no social media there too much drama on there all my friends at school be asking me add me on sc while I don't know snapchat Jeez people if I had an dollar every hour people be on your phone I would be rich like the Rothschild

  2. Why continue with all these social tests? They have had ample time to observe human behavior on every level, in nearly every situation one can imagine..so is this just recreation now, or what? They already know people will go for just about anything at this point.

  3. LoL I'm constantly sharing great vids like yours on FB. As well as ProLife ProFamily education & awareness. As well as ProChristianity. I don't care what FB thinks. There're more of us than them. & Not all of us can be bought & wear cheap dollar pink hats & "protest" etc

  4. My Guess is the next step is to Get These Stars To Push it as Really Cool & The Brainwashed will Fall For it once they see they're favorite Obnoxious Celebrities Sell The Idea & watch how the Dumb Down Lost Folks will FALL FOR IT😲

  5. Facebook one worst site ever, What Facebook people doing mess around each us everyday and beef each us who hottest and got hotness girl than person get jealous, than what ending up happen find these location than all suddenly than straight kill person and take hot girl or kill hot girl, that what be happen on Facebook. be honest there are on worst on people, can waited Facebook collapse and died way things are now, not going get any better get worse and once SHTF and babylon system collapse is wrap for these place very soon, Great video and straight up be honest hate Facebook and hate shitty 💩 website hate Facebook people stalk shit on that people absolute 💯 raw truth. Fucked Facebook.

  6. they need to banned Facebook then what uprising is saying mark Zuckerberg is a illuminatist he can come back to the Lord by following the Bible also tell the truth why Facebook is In illuminati I know if he confessed it he will be kill by the elites but gods is with him if he tells the truth and he will be in heaven I know we do sin mistakes but we need to preach the gospel to the world with the holy Bible with our talents let's will it up so are bros and sis can do the same

  7. As you already know, almost every strategy they use on us has a dual purpose. Aside from us accepting the complete removal of our privacy ( and their constant monitoring of us ), I wonder what other purpose(s) this part of the plan may have. I'm thinking that at some point, they will start to merge this with the fear of identity theft, to have us accept the microchip. And if they do this, they will probably use us to invade eachother's privacy ( or give the illusion of it ) so that they can blame us for the need to get microchips put in us.

  8. That's why I am no longer on Facebook! People on there pout so much information about themselves willingly except their DNA! They are playing right into the hands of the Elites freemasonry,Illuminati,mind control! Mind control not only on the internet but t.v and entertainment news,the news,magazines of celebrities to believe the make believe world of false reality to distract you from what is really going on and to even find out what is going on on your own! The children are a mess from what they see and hear everyday! WAKE YOU AND STAY AWAKE!

  9. BUT, it's already existing since 2012!!!
    even every programmer can use it on their project.
    well if it's done to avoid crime so why they don't investigate pizzagate?
    there are plenty of face recognition proof there

  10. on the newer versions of iOS software on the iphones, sometimes when a certain word like "yay" or "happy" or "congratulations" and other various key phrases, it would become highlighted sort of. thats how we know for sure theyre always scanning and recording everything we send too. Very creepy

  11. yes they do sell our information and phone number and emails. Plus look up BLACK MIRROR series on netflix..china already has this social face regconition app and your likes and dislikes is like a credit score that will mess you up or put u down

  12. In New Mexico they were doing facial recognition in their driver license photo without any law. They proposed it while the Feds were trying to shove it through but the federal law didn't pass. New Mexico already bought the equipment and it has been in place without any law is required if you wanted to renew their drivers license.  So in the state license office took them.  Have a Florida license now but likely they have the facial record somewhere.  The ACLU in New Mexico did not oppose it, but the Federal ACLU blocked it. Had to file a complaint with the State of NM ACLU to start a complaint to stop it, but I have been kicked in the ass for questioning illegal things.

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