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If you have a dream or a vision pertaining to End time bible prophecy? Send them to me and I will post them!!!!

If you have a dream or a vision pertaining to End time bible prophecy? Send them to me and I will post them!!!!
SEND DREAM OR VISION TO rpb642@gmail.com

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  1. Amen im just praying for Gods wisdom,and dicernment ,and. Yes amen guidance from the holy spirit ! Thaank u brother this is so wocked that tbey would even think to do something so evil and deceptive ! God bless u all kerp your eyex fixed on Jesus !

  2. so that could mean thqaat your power will stay on during the false Rapture, and if something happens and your power is stil on then its been a false one, and the real one hasn't happened.ive just startd to follow your Ministry and bought the Rapture be prepared book, im worried that I wont be worthy and hardly pray or read the bible, but I rpent daily and avoid sin as much as I can, I think about jesus and god all the time, and know love is the only way what else can I do, I will try and read thhe bible more, and pay more as well.what else can I do?

  3. Hi bob just remeber the lord is going to need heoros tribulation saints to run salvation camps to save a many people has they can and you and I may just be that we don,t no truthfully I sure hope its not me because I have been very sick for a very long time waiting on the lord hopeing and preying that my lord will save me and rapture me and I belive they entire world will see this rapture and then afterwards many salvation camps people coming together to die for the lord like he died for us we must have faith if this is the case and we are chosen to save many I no its going to be hard but the lord needs as many good teachers of his truth and I belive you may be one I do belive you tell the truth also beware trump and clinton who intend to rain in civil war and world war and many belive trumps is evil just by his trump towers 66th floor filled with luciferian satinesiom and many belive he may be lucifer himself anyways beware good luck and please prey for me because I really need it I am sick and i also have to take care of my 85yearold father who is now a invalide and its very hard to take care of him its really hard when you have to take care of your parents but I don,t belive in putting my dad into a old folks home and that also includes putting children into day cares its just plain wrong and this is how this evil has destroyed so many famiilys in the end times amen

  4. I know in my experience anytime God speaks/shows me anything the devil comes along and tries his darndest to bring confusion. Is it also possible that they will try to explain away the actual rapture to bring confusion to some and a believable explanation to others? It would keep many from repenting if they can explain it away. Also, since this video is a year old you may have seen this already, but there's a video of a city in the sky over China that appears to be a blue beam projection. Pretty impressive. Just enter "city in the sky" in the YouTube search box and it comes right up.

  5. I do believe you are on target and was aware of what would relate to bluebeam before I was even aware of bluebeam.  Here is something no one in y area here in Houston Texas is aware of or figured out yet.  Our neighborhood is close to the I45 8 lane frwy.  HALF of the freeway sounds are not real!!  I told several neighbors of this and they were like Oh Earl cmon.  What is going on is very powerful speakers on the frwy light poles with the cams are being used by gov control to play sounds such as loud trucks and speed type race motorcycles and to make it sound like there is much much more activity than there actually is.  Its an attempt and is working to make people half delusional as to where activity and sounds of reality are added with non reality.  To increase their reality as where only half of real reality is existing here.  As for the rapture I don't believe there will be any bang or sound and will be a SILENT occurrence and will not have to relate to our science of this dimension as you stated being we too were made from the elements of this earth and atmosphere science.  Because GOD made these laws as you outlined BUT he can alter them for his convenience when he wishes and GOD does not have to interact based on our law of natural science

  6. If there will be a fake rapture, does that mean there will also be a fake AC and FP? What else might be faked, before the real events? Let's say there were a fake rapture, so everyone thinks they got left behind and then the AC shows up; we will all know it's him. However, if the first guy to show up after the fake rapture is a decoy, then the when the real AC shows up (possibly in the sky), people could be fooled into thinking it's the second coming, see? I just don't get the point in a fake rapture, if the lie ends there… Besides, the new agers are being told by "spirit guides", aka demons that they will be taken, so perhaps they will be taken first in the fake rapture. If not, they will know they were lied to. Food for thought… We all see through a glass darkly for now, so just be spiritually discerning and prepared for anything by staying close to Jesus!

  7. i had a dream a nuke hit and when i died i felt myself rising to heaven and as that was happening i herd angels singing. then the dream ended. and this dream was different from any other dream ive ever had in my life.

  8. just saw something like this on Joyof the Lord. I felt uneasy with it, though she seemed convinced that it was the dead rising. I don't trust female ministries. Eve was deceived first. You are spot on, I thank God the father for your ministry. this could be the great delusion mentioned in Thessalonians.

  9. In 1990, the Lord "raptured" me up in the middle of the day. Here's the key… every part of my body.. and I mean every cell, fiber, organ, hair, – you get the drift… were like filaments trying to get to the magnet. Your body will respond and it will be inescapable. And His word says "in the blink of an eye"… I was up in the air with Him for about 10 minutes before being returned to earth. As soon as I set foot on the ground, everyone around me started moving again. They never knew. To them, it was the blink of an eye. the Lord literally "split" time wide open. I firmly believe this is how it will happen… those around us will not even see it happen. So if you see people going up, it's not the rapture. Just my 2 cents….

  10. I can see the devil attempting a false rapture and saying oh look you were left behind Jesus doesn't love you. The issue I have with that is if us as Christians still see our Christian friends, family, neighbors etc. also left behind then wont that say we weren't left behind and that Jesus has not come for any of us yet? also I don't think we are going to have to worry about being confused because I think when Jesus comes for us he will just take us. He will take what is his. I don't think there is going to be a choice in that matter. Hope this makes sense and jmo of course.

  11. very good ! Bob….cause those anxiously awaiting the Rapture- certainly, would be major disappointment/falling away…if in fact Project Blue Beam was unleashed prior to the actual Rapture

  12. I have had dreams of project blue beam as well.i live in a small town and have seen this as my understanding..not just big cities will see this but everyone.everyone believed it was him,and at one point I seen a projecter on top of a school projecting it and a store that had different pictures of him…lets really be careful of satans schemes.

  13. Love it brother… One might think it even could be a flash of light and rolling thunder… Perhaps not unlike Moses hearing the voice of Elohim within the thunder but the people below heard only a loud thunderous noise. Perhaps those who are ready hear a voice, and those whom are not, hear only thunder but are fearful of its resonance? Just a thought…

  14. This makes me think of the last movie "night at the museum" everything appears alive and real to all the guests. Typical for Hollywood to predict and tell us what their doing before they do it. What a perfect way to project their image of the beast, so the whole world can see it and bow down to it. It is insane what all this technology can do today. It is so time for the church to leave. Can anyone even imagine what the world would look like in another 20 years, they would utterly destroy it for their evil plan. Lets get ready and be ready all the time! Thanks Bob:)))

  15. please brother bob pray for me I need the strength to break up with mi boyfriend He dont believe in the Lord and now he is telling me that when Im with him i can't talk about God , I feel that my boyfriend is make me not to be completely with the Lord , please brother pray for me :'(

  16. Great teaching ! I have known this could happen, and very well may with all the preparations out there . Maybe with the pope's coming to give addressees they play around with it to since they have an already captivated audience buying into lies.

  17. Made some good points on getting people aware of project blue beam. It's been around for quite some time now and some great man have died for trying to expose this program. You need to do a little more research on the matter. Bride of Christ is right. Haarp goes hand in hand with blue beam. They are capable of sending signals into your head so that you truly believe what your seeing in the sky is truth becasue the message will be coming into your mind as if you were hearing the holy spirit. Many will be decieved. This Technology Is Truth And The Air Force Own The Patent Rights To it. I urge everyone to do your own research and find the truth. I don't believe the false rapture will be the first thing blue beam projects. I'm not saying it won't happen this way but I believe it will project alien deception. You see pope francis talking about of course he would baptize aliens? Alot of people are not aware but the Vatican runs a huge telescope out here in Arizona. It's called the VATT. look into it do research everyone prepare yourself. The telescope is called L.U.C.I.F.E.R no joke lol. They truly believe we must be so dumbed down. People who work for the Vatican and this organization lucifer telescope bs. are saying pretty soon humanity will look to aliens for their savior. Sounds Like A Crazy Ass Movie right? their words My friends Not mine. So convenient that the pope is making his first visit to America this month to speak with Obama, congress, united nations. Sounds like he has urgent news to speak to the world about their discoveries with the lucifer telescope maybe? fake light show of alien destruction, then it's time to push the one world government bs agenda. Look up speeches by figures talking about how we could all put our differences away if their was some type of attack from an enemy from outter space. Look up ronald Regan speech on this.


    I don't want to see anyone fall Victor to this one world agenda shit.

    Bob keep up the good work and
    may God be with us

  18. I don't see the Rapture taking place this year to be honest. I'm not putting my hopes up but I am keeping my eyes open.

    Let us just focus on fulfillimg our purpose for the Lord and getting to know the Lord. The rest he will Sort out.

    Plus the shemitah might not apply to the World today since Israel even today does not follow it. But God truly knows we shall see.

  19. When you talked about the rapture / lightening scenario I was reminded of a dream many years ago; my body started to tingle as it changed before going up!
    (Parallel to the tingling people have felt before really getting struck by lightening).
    Perhaps those big projector screens will produce holograms like Walt Disney. After the Rapture, they can create the antichrist coming down from the clouds looking like Jesus proclaim he is He, and fooling everyone to take the mark of the beast. Just a thought.

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