Forty years in 1978, the English convert Malcolm Muggeridge gave two memorable speeches at the University of Waterloo in Ontario. At one point he recalled how the Communist tyrant Stalin, in a moment of desperation during the height of WWII, restored the imprisoned Russian Orthodox Patriarch of Moscow to his previous position and dignity. Stalin wanted the churches to open once again. The spiritless and bankrupt ideology of Karl Marx and Lenin was not sufficient to motivate the people to fight anew. Something more was needed. Muggeridge then made what seems to be a prophetic statement, saying: “This easily might happen again. The people emerging as Christians in the USSR may become so strong that the Soviet government will adopt Christianity. There is a strain of irony in our human affairs. [William] Blake’s phrase for it is ‘fearful symmetry’. What a wonderful example of fearful symmetry it would be if on the selfsame day that Marxism is thrown out the Kremlin window, the Vatican is impelled by the pressure of Christian-Marxist dialogues with Jesuits and others to issue an encyclical… de necessitate Marxisme! Stranger things have happened” notes Muggeridge. Hmmm. Is not Russia open to Christianity? And from some reports, if they can be believed, they are even open to message of Fatima and consecration. Meanwhile we are pursuing what could be classified as a form of Marxism with a Jesuit Pope! Muggeridge continues: “This irony is written into our mortal existence. It is conveyed beautifully in medieval cathedrals where you have a steeple climbing up into the sky, symbolizing all the wonderful spiritual aspirations of human beings. But at the same time in the same roof you have these little grinning gargoyles staring down at the earth. The juxtaposition of these two things might seem strange at first… but I contend they are aspects of the same attitude of mind… an awareness that at the heart of our human existence is this mystery, interwoven with our affairs: this wonderful spirit of irony which prevents us from being utterly and irretrievably serious…” His Majesty is always up to working amazing and astonishing reversals… wonderful… fearful turnabouts… and they are often symmetrical. For more please visit & remember to say 3 Hail Marys for the priest

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18 Replies to “Fearful Symmetry”

  1. TY Fr. C…A Prophet For Our Time!
    Malcom Muggeridge. I read this Speech, & every one of his Books I could find 1977-1980. (Not "that long ago" for Some of us.😎) His wife, Kitty Muggeridge wrote, "The Sacrament of The Present Moment "…I think it's the best English Translation of "The Cloud of Unknowing". We were prepared, as far as possible, for this Battle…Even though our own failures & sins are in part responsible…

  2. I have to say it kills me, that knowing what I know, that I am grieved, not because I know, but because others do not know.
    I ask of God, why I was led astray? Why didn't they tell me the truth?
    The answer I receive is, "they didn't know". Didn't know? How could they not know?! Surely, this is not hidden truth, but rather discarded.
    Those who seek Christ will be led to the church and through the church they will be filled with wisdom.
    So then, why is that which has been proclaimed as truth, no longer considered as truth?
    Surely there must be some sort of an agenda, for it's certain no man by reason of sanity proclaims the sky is not blue and that the oceans are not vast.
    Yet the men today proclaim that what he been proven true is no longer true.
    Therefore by reason of the nature of what truth is, it has been made hidden, so that few could ascertain the necessity of it.
    This is the division created in the field, when the bad seed was spread.
    Through this measure, has much deception been raised and given over.
    Now the truth is hidden, but not exactly so, but rather considered inconvenient, therefore it's discarded.
    Doing such an action willfully is doing the work of the evil worker who laid the groundwork for the destruction of a great many souls.
    Have they no fear of the Lord? Do they not understand that heaven and earth will be destroyed, sparing only those who are apart of Christ's church?

    This is the mystery of the time, before the time and half a time are to be completed.
    Stand ye fast in the teachings and proclaim them always, for he who denies the truth is no different than an infidel, for they seek to please men and not God.

  3. Thanks so much Father for the part in print under Show More; I'm a better reader than listener. Do you think it's fearful symmetry as the muslims pray with their faces on the ground and the women cover their heads, while the Catholics party in God's house?
    3 Hail Mary's for you. Gargoyles – prots say we have devils on our churches.

  4. One must live his life thanking God everyday that he woke up in God's grace of having clarity who his King is and celebrate that moment ecstatically repeating "Thank you Jesus, thank you for your Grace and Mercy!"
    God bless you father. Saint Josefa Menendez, pray for us!

  5. Thank you so much Father for your Sermon. It has been a real spiritual struggle for all of us as i just don't want to talk about myself only who is always asking God questions about the despicable Church scandals. When we position ourselves on the right side our reaction is based on the Scriptures. Agreed no one is perfect. And patience is a virtue. I sincerely hope that the Lord will restore his Churches and I know he will if only we practice and observed the patience of Job. Please guide us about receiving Holy Communion from Priests who seem to be in harmony with Christ and know it well in their heart that they are not . How does this affect the faithful spiritually? Would you classify our apprehension to be " fearful symmetry". Thank you Father and God bless you.

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