Few Will Be Saved During the Great Tribulation

In this study we’re going to learn that very few people will be saved in the lead up to Christ’s return. God uses the widow of Luke 18 to teach us that there will be a dearth of faith on earth prior to Christ’s return. In this regard, most of the unsaved in and out of the church will not become saved because they are trusting in themselves for salvation.

We also know that the great multitude, that no man can number, is not teaching that millions will be saved during the great tribulation. The great multitude simply refers to those who are of the Seed of Abraham. Therefore, the great multitude includes the elect of God who were saved over the past 13,000 years (typified as 144,000) as well as the small remnant who will be saved during the great tribulation. The first group will be rapture before those who are alive when Christ returns.


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  1. The elect of God is the chosen who will remain on the earth as witness for Jesus and a testimony for The Word of God. They are already chosen into salvation from the beginning of the foundation of the world. There are not two sets of elect but one just as Jesus told His disciples haven't i chosen 12 and one is a devil? The elect of God will be preserved and sealed with The Holy Ghost being the wise virgins who will continue with Christ and endure persecution until the end to be saved. While many will fall away and be deceived by the antichrist. If you look in 1 Thessalonians 4:17 you will not bow Apostle Paul referring to himself as one who will remain and be left alive. “Then (((((we)))))which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with (((((them)))in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.” Left alive and remain which means in greek endure because just like the days of Noah only eight was saved because God had put His people to sleep. As Noah and His family was chosen to go through the flood. You see, the elect who remains on the earth which is 144,000 was chosen to suffer for Christ to be martyr for the gospel killed by the false church who will think to do God a service In Jesus Name

  2. I know that only a few are selected from before the foundation of the world was laid! 🙂 But, please, that's something I do not quite understand with the 12 tribes, and the 144,000 that have already been sealed! Are only the 144,000 who come to Christ at the first resurrection? Thank you for your answer!..Ok, sorry … I just saw that you wrote about what I was watching during the video! But I'm still very happy if you can explain it closer ..)

  3. You mentioned those saved over the past 13,000 years.. that interest me! Maybe I'm misunderstanding but I thought its only been 6,000 years. Please enlighten me! I don't mean to sound silly I just don't understand and truly seek the truth and don't subscribe to the masses teaching. You won't hear teachers say anything about us being here for at least 13k years. Hope this question makes sense!

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