The people of this world; and I mean the whole need to open their eyes up to what is happening around them. This clip is helpful for those that do not know, but much research is required because the ruling powers of this world will not stop till the New World Order is established. You must learn what it is that the Jesuits and the Vatican have planned for us, and the instruments by which they mean to achieve their objective of one world government. With the aid of secret societies and groups such as the Bilderbergers, the CFR, the Freemasons and the Illuminati they will implement agenda 2030 for complete domination and control of the people. Seek the truth and you will find that there is a solution for you, without the truth you will be lost.


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  1. Those IHS Jesuit symbols, the 3 nails and next, they also make a Double You, or VV oe W.
    Seen some Johnathan Kleck videos recently, speaks about the VV Dbl U, and how it relates to Cain,Abel,Serpent and Eve.

  2. So; Sunday is worship of the sun day, that's "reasonable", but Saturday is based on the ancient worship of Saturn (which the Jews used to practice at one time, and some still do!); so maybe the Muslims are really right, and Friday is the day for all TRUE believers; and that's really why the Muslims are being persecuted (just like the early Christians in Rome); all over the world? I mean just look at all the corruption in the Judeo/Christian world; and the power we have to keep the people dumb-ed down and blind to what's really happening right under their classically conditioned noses; while their leaders declare one war after another leading us all into the final conflagration!

  3. On a side note, it is so easy to see that Trump is world government.
    Did you notice that in the first debate with Hillary Trump had on a blue
    tie and Hillary a red dress. Then did you notice in the last debate,
    Hillary had a blue outfit and Trump a red tie. The red and blue are the
    colors of the two pillers of Freemasonry. Check out the time lapse
    building of the Freedom tower and you will see that the red is used to
    frame the building and the building is skinned in blue. Then notice the
    red and blue crane on top at the end of the build. Also notice Trump
    do the handshakes when he appoint a cabinet position. You will notice
    the Mason handshake. So if you add all of this up, then Trump has to be
    set up to be the fall guy for the planned destruction of the economy.

  4. I know who is criminal..Syria just decoy..You can never hide behind..All The Idea only Peter and Paul…The malta is Knights Templar..Guilty The Riches City …Saudi Dubai..The Rest Its All EUROPEAN…USSR…USA….RUSSIA SOLD OUT..THE SOUTH…STEP UP PROVE IT…WE ALL KNOW EARTH IS DOWN WE ALL ABOVE BY LEVEL…

  5. When you realise that the infilling of the Holy Ghost is the long hoped for REST that the Old Testament ceremonial law of the SABBATH DAY personified, the SDA will be far more evangelically responsible. Necessarily, Jesus Christ being the new high priest [[Melchisedec ], brought a change to the administration of the law [Heb. 7;12] Types and shadows of which the Sabbath separation was one, were complete in Christ….and paved the way for New Covenant spiritual realities,… where it is the individual that allows the Holy Ghost through salvation , to be his personal sabbath rest, through the biblical infilling of the Holy Ghost [read Acts ch2 37-39]

    .Ceremonial laws, including the Saturday sabbath were to pave the way for spiritual realities such as salvation. Isaiah 28;12,13 says…with stammering lips and with another tongue will I speak unto this people,….this is the rest whereby I will cause the weary to rest…. and for all that they would not hear me.

    It is worth noting, even if an individual chose to have their church worship on a Saturday, if the correct salvation process has not been partaken of, it would fall short of worshipping God in HOLINESS, and if one has not received the Holy Ghost in resurrective salvation….you cannot worship God in Spirit and in Truth, which is a biblical command.

    It is with this incorrect emphasis on the Sabbath Day as an extrapolative replacement doctrine in place of the necessity of the sabbath rest of salvation under the new covenant , that you are causing individuals to negate the need for the Sabbath rest of salvation which only the Holy Spirit can administer…. blossoming into a HOLY life,…and it unfortunately and certainly casts a shadow on the SDA reliability on what constitutes the Mark of the Beast.

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