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  1. Gene this is exactly what I needed. I needed this answer so bad. Thank you brother, I have a class tonight on soul winning too at the BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH OF JUSTIN TX, thank you for helping me with my search for a spiritual family. Iā€™m glad Iā€™m a member of The Church in this world of sin. PRAISE THE FATHER, THE WORD, THE HOLY SPIRIT AMEN!!!!!!!

  2. Do you respond to any questions, G. Kim? If not make it so no one can leave comments. They are arguing among themselves because after listening to you (IF YOU ARE RIGHT) they have more questions. Make a Q&A segment once or twice a month. Some are hurting for answers. Hope you get this and respond!

  3. God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself onto restoration to favor, now then, we are ambassadors for Christ as though God were pleading through us; be reconciled to God. For He had made Him to be sin for us who knew no sin , that we might be the righteousness of God in Him.ā¤ļø

  4. So brother in christ did the penelcostals pick that up from the catholics for the comunnion of sins. Becuse i see a alot of red flags about the roman catholic church they bow down to idols people call the pope father and also the chair that the pope sits on with a upside down cross and also alot of cases of child molestation in the roman catholic church

  5. You are preaching God will judge us for our sins, and all will see this. But you also say God cannot see our sins and we will not be judged for them, because of the blood of Jesus washes these sins and makes us justified and righteous in God's eyes. Which is it Pastor? I am confused. Does God judge us for our sins or does he impart grace, thanks to the beating (I prefer the term sacrifice) Jesus took?

  6. Thank you Mr. Kim, your strong words have reached me sincerely. God bless you and the ministry, I've been watching you for several months now and I've learned a whole lot. You've helped clean my sin up and I couldn't be more grateful for your knowledge.

  7. Are these a men/lion hybrids?

    1 Chronicles 11:22 KJV
    [22] Benaiah the son of Jehoiada, the son of a valiant man of Kabzeel, who had done many acts; he slew two lionlike men of Moab: also he went down and slew a lion in a pit in a snowy day.

  8. A very wise man used to tell me son if you don't have nothing good to say then don't say nothing my dad used to tell me that. A different wise man told me a long time ago don't be part of the problem be part of the solution. When the chips are down and things are tough you better have some strong faith. Because there is a purpose for everything and like you said brother Gene use everything for good I forget that sometimes myself. God bless you all. God's grace is sufficient in all things. Great preaching brother Gene

  9. I have study, search, watched, attend churches, & something didn't feel right. Dr. Gene Kim you are refreshingly wonderful, I just love the way you teach the Gospel Truth. Certainly you are blessed and highly favored. I thank God for you, you're my new Pastor. I have sent a link to all my contacts, because you're humbly outstanding.. I've learned more from you in the last 72 hours, than collectively in my 55 years on planet earth. God bless you abundantly with the everlasting love of Christ Jesus. ā¤ ā¤ ā¤

  10. Guys, the devil done did it again. Causing confusion and spreading a blasphemous message. Lil uzi vert, the one who wears anti christ jewelry and sold his soul him. Says to his crowd before starting his song if ur not going up right now in the rapture, they are going to hell with him, its in his songs. Wrong msg but he said it straight to the crowd and no one listened. This is horrible. But not for a second do i trust him. He is trying to get people to go to hell by saying they didnt make it to heaven.

  11. Oh boy, if they are going to show all the complaints at the judgement seat Pastor, may as well go down. Too ashamed to be known.
    Interesting thought. So all the shameful acts and so on will be aired to all,,,,,might make a person say NO WAY am I going to let that happen.
    Whoa. Not a psychologist,but whoa.

  12. Just have one thing to ask, if I whine about pain, how would I prove that I really have physical pain?
    How do they prove that in a court of law?
    Reason is, I do complain and I really thank you for this sermon, I needed it, but the Sun light/heat actually burns and stings my skin on contact.
    No one believes me. I cannot be in direct sunlight 30 secs in summer or I do go ballistic, it hurts. it stings, it burns. instantly.
    Seems I may be allergic to Helios. I am not kidding. Burns thru clothes too.
    Not a joke, not kidding. Extra sensitive to heat also. Very very sensitive.
    Sorry bout complaining bout it, but stuck inside, broke body and allergic to sunlight, makes for a happy camper eh?
    Praise God. I accept and believe in Jesus.

  13. Just start Thanking. Thank You pastor, Thank you Jesus Christ, Thank you God almighty.
    Not easy to be thankful in a world of hate and deception. Where everything is taken for granted.
    Guilty. Sinner. Imperfect. Duplicitous, etc etc….need a savior, have a savior, in Jesus.


  15. Also brother im afrraid of false prophets out there like some people say they died and went to hell or heaven is that even possible or is that fasle or people are lying or was it true and but it was satatn in there near death experience and i also saw a vidio suppssely a guy was burning in hell for one saved always saved can that be satan in a near death experience that they had

  16. Kim gene im a slow learner and i know my disability is not a excuse but would god have mercey upon me because i have adhd an axiety and somtimes i stress out almost every day anout salvation and do repentance for salvation and to the point i gett depressed

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