Flat Earth Asshole vs FisherOfMen

This video is 100% Clean with No Cursing, It is Christian Friendly, and it can be shared with Children & Family. In this video we see what happens when a Flat Earther and a Globe Head do battle. Each and every one of FisherOfMen’s arguments were thoroughly taken apart one by one leaving yet another globe head to fall victim to the Flat Earth Truth. Let this be a lesson to all who dare spread lies and mock the truth.

Under the Copyright Act, the fair use of copyrighted material without permission is allowed when used for the following purposes:

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This video was made strictly for parody purposes.

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  1. Ok I just want to point out that Jake doesn't acknowledge that gravity will pull the plane down, keeping the altitude of the plane the same, while the plane maintains its course. Listen, if the plane (on flat earth), went in a straight direction, it would never return to the same spot. But any airplane pilot will tell you that if you maintain the same altitude in the same direction, you will in fact reach the same spot again. That is because the earth is round. There are many other instances where Jake is wrong, but I really don't want to get into it all at the moment. But he doesn't acknowledge the modern day physics of gravity that would absolutely make sense in modern day science, and that is frustrating. The plane wouldnt go off into space given the globe "theory." The plane would go around the earth, but the point is that the plane WOULD RETURN TO THE SAME SPOT EVENTUALLY after going in one direction while remaining at the same altitude. Explain that, flat earthers. Also here's one for you: explain why at the top of the Burj Khalifa, the sun seems to set around two minutes later that at that bottom of the Burj Khalifa (assuming that you could see the horizon in both instances).

    Gravity, as I know it, is a force in the universe dependent on mass. The larger something's mass, the more gravity it has, that is why basketballs didn't come from disks; it's because it doesn't have a mass comparable to the Earth. It seems that you haven't even read up on modern science, because in one of your videos (the vsauce one I think) you said that any disk doesn't just come together into a ball by itself. True and false. You're not explaining that correctly from the viewpoint of modern science. It seemed like you were trying to acknowledge the modern day science approach, but you forgot the basic physics lesson that the more mass something has, the more gravity it has. So, if a plate or a deflated basketball (with mass incomparable with the Earth's) is a disk shape, it will remain as such until an outside force is acted upon it. This is because both are not massive. Let me repeat: your argument explaining why plates don't become balls doesn't have any worth because you're not using something much more massive; use something insanely massive and then come back. Don't use a paper plate. You don't acknowledge the gravity standpoint. I understand that you don't believe in gravity, but at least try to understand how WE think gravity works, and please try to understand that the explanations that modern-day science gives for the "falling" or "disk to sphere phenomena" experience do make sense if you research them. Also flat objects don't naturally appear in the universe, waiting for you to see them become spheres. They were always close to spherical. Look at the planets under the night sky with a telescope. Look at Saturn. Look at any planetary body. It will have different designs/patterns on it if you look at it OVER TIME and record them (Mars' red spot for instance). That is because those bodies are spherical and rotate. Those bodies undoubtedly have mass, and are under the same gravitational influence that spherical earth has too. It is this gravitational influence that makes them sphere-like. I think we disagree on the properties of mass and gravity. I think that's the fundamental issue between us. Having a lot of mass means you have a lot force, which, in the case of globular earth, would mean that the earth's gravity (now a significant force due to earth's immense mass) is acting upon it, forcing it to come together (because that's what gravity tends to do; attract surrounding mass). On a different note, all the instances that you try to disprove gravity, such as jumping (through less dense air), could be explained easily by the modern science approach: the FORCE of your jump ISN'T CONSTANT and is quickly cancelled out and the motion is reversed by the CONSTANT downward acceleration (or force) of gravity.

    Another fundamental issue with your arguments is that they solely rely on seeing things with your own personal eyes. To prove something as scientifically true, one can use their senses, but keep in mind other ways of knowing. It seems to me like everyone here in the comments must need to be able to see things in order to believe them. And that really sucks for modern science, because a major feature of the earth and humans is that the earth is HUGE and people are comparatively minuscule. With that in mind, people traveling ON the earth will not be able to see curvature on the horizon given their tininess. Now, you showed a picture of the earth's horizon from around 121,000 feet in altitude. This seems like a large number at first, but it's not in comparison with the globe. That is how small we are as humans. If we can't see the curvature from 121,000 feet, we won't see it from 5-6 feet as humans. HOWEVER, the curvature is there if you go higher. 121,000 feet is exactly 36,880.8 meters. GLOBULAR EARTH'S DIAMETER is close to 12.742 million meters!!!!! Ok. That means you went up around 0.289% (3 s.f.) of earth's diameter and told us that there was no curvature. Go higher up if you want to see the curvature. We are so small that we need more perspective. It seems like you don't trust any photos from space corporations, which is unfortunate, but at least arguable. I think you're a little too reliant on your own personal senses. Also, you haven't proven that the earth is flat. Everything that you try to debunk is debunked incorrectly and still has scientific explanations. The boat disappearing is pathetic video editing as seen here: https://youtu.be/5dciGKVHA-c?t=1017 (watch about 1 minute for the desired clip). As well as everything else in that video. The video commentator I feel does lack proper explanation in some instances, but I make up for that in this stream of comments ( I think). Anyway, watch that video please and some other people reacting to that video. Then come back at me with comments please. I've done some research, now please do likewise before hating on my flat earthers. Let me be very clear about one more thing. If anyone has read this far: 1) thanks for reading this far; this is a lot of text. 2) I'm not hating on flat earthers, but I do want to share my point of view in supporting what I think has been proven for hundreds of years. To go against gravity, in your case, would be going too far in my opinion. There simply are too many experiments to show that gravity exists, and if gravity exists, then something as massive as the earth cannot (as Vsauce stated) remain as a disk-shape. I would love to hear flat earth explanations for these arguments that I have made, and I don't believe in censoring anybody's opinion. Just please remember that I am just another user on the internet exercising my right to free speech (which is backed by hundreds of years of scientific research, so I believe my viewpoint is not misinforming or misleading anyone). If you don't want to believe in a globular earth, then don't. But please explain better why the earth is flat, because I feel like everything that you argue wasn't convincing based on the evidence accumulated by scientists and physicists about astronomical phenomena.

    One more thing. The guy you're going against in this video does a rather horrible job of trying to argue for Earth's roundness, and I agree with you in the first couple of minutes of the video that his argument was not convincing. I would recommend going against N. dG. Tyson (I'm sure he'd be happy to take you on, plus it would be entertaining no matter who wins) or someone more scientifically oriented. You're giving yourself an unfair advantage by going against the rather uneducated side of globe-earth believers.

  2. Lord have mercy. I'm not even going there with this complete and utter fool. Fish face you love to insult people who are so much smarter than you fishbowl. Geez Dude your laughable no offense. Fisheyes you are wrong.

  3. hey Jake, Awesome channel! I really enjoy it, however don't ever give this idiot Globe Head kid/fisherofmen any recognition ever again. lol did he just say "its wound"? Talk about an imbecile!


  5. Not only Is this supposed Fisher of men ignorant but I gotta say, he sounds like somebody took a dump in his mouth and he's trying to talk, wow hate to be petty. Also he doesn't even know scripture, I do. He's out of his league.

  6. Fisher actually seems like an ok guy he has decent videos. But if he wants to believe the earth is round then let him. I actually recently converted to flat earthiest lol too much lies been exposed exposing the ball

  7. Matthew 12:40 For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale's belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth. This is what it Matthew 12:40 means, Jesus Christ's soul went to Sheol, which is called Hades in Greek. Acts 2:27 Because thou wilt not leave my soul in Hades, neither wilt thou suffer thine Holy One to see corruption.

  8. I seriously hope that kid FisherOfMen never reproduces or votes for anything that affects the rest of us, holy shit, his 1st 2 arguments made himself look like a complete fool… and he had the audacity to presume himself above the time to address flat Earth… go drink some bleach please

  9. This guy is so simple minded, that in the first picture he actually believes that's the curvature of the Earth — this is what the other side is coming to battle with. This is going to be an easy slaughter.

    All you have to do is look at the distance and the curve and you'd quickly realize the Earth would be pretty damn small, if that was the actual curve.

  10. Thanks for debunking FisherOfMen, FEA! I'm a real Christian and I hate when other so-called Christians lie about what the Bible actually says while they purport to be Christians, even though Christians are expected to obey God and believe the Bible, not to contradict Him like FisherOfMen was doing.

    The Bible in no way supports FisherOfMen's globe earth position, and in fact the Bible contradicts & opposes the globe earth position in numerous ways.

  11. This guy fisherofmen should be in a cringe compilation,he doesnt know ANYTHING hes talking about just googleing everything & regurgitating what ppl has told him,his intelligence is so low its embarrassing.

  12. I do see the harassment from flat earthers. If he doesn't want to believe it then he doesn't!! Mind control is not something to laugh at. Making fun of him isn't helping anything. Fisher of men is a good person. And if he isn't as "smart as u" doesn't make him a. Bad persom. U ever have a friend u hang out with that u know isn't as smart as u?!?! U still accept him and love him and wouldn't disrespect him or would u. No one likes to be made fun of!!! Jeez. U guys could've approached this a little more sensitively especially since it's fisher of men for gods sake!!!

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