Flat Earth Asshole vs Koi Fresco

In this video you will see the typical “round” earth BS that is parroted by a moron who decided to do 20 minutes worth of research if that. Koi desperately tries to cling to the cartoon ball while tirelessly throwing out fallacies left and right. Koi brings very little to this argument, but what little he did bring was easily squashed with Flat Earth proofs that are easily repeatable and observable.

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  1. I’m commenting as I go lol “fictional outer space”…? You just talked about them going to the moon and back being more frigid than flying over Antarctica. And if outer space is fake, where did the space shuttles go? Where do satellites go when they shoot them up there, since you claim there are no satellites in outer space? I just… AGH

  2. Without exception, the pro globe explanation videos are presented in such an infantile way. These globies should be offended that they're being spoken to as if they are children. "I should be able to see anywhere from a mountain" what a fucking tool

  3. xddd. I'm laughing my ass of on how these people actually try to prove something xd.
    Here I have a question for you, if the earth is flat, where's the fucking edge of the world? Also, If the earth is flat, then how come there's different time zones and how come night's exist.You people are a fucking joke and It proves to me that humanity is going backwards in evolution.

  4. Man, did you really try to prove the Earth is flat by drawing a straight line on the horizon from an airplane? Hahahaha, what a moron. No wonder your girlfriend left you, you're as dumb as a board. You cant see the curvature of the earth from that distance, you're not high enough. See the Space X rocket launch a car into space. You can clearly see the Earth is a sphere. They teach you that in 3rd grade. Go back to school you moron.

  5. Here's a logical falicie that you made. When Niel Degrassi Tyson dropped the microphone on stage to prove gravity, you argued that a helium balloon rises because there is no gravity and then you just rambled for a good 5 minutes about boyancy. Boyancy is in water. Gravity and the density of objects and the air around them is what you should be talking about

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