Flat Earth Popular Questions

This is my very first Flat Earth video.

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  1. so you say the boats over the horizon argument is fake, because you can pull out a telescope and bring the boat back into view. why not pull out a telescope, aim it at the planets and zoom in. wow, it looks nothing like the photos we've been given! thats because its too far away to fully see the detail, even with a telescope. just like the boats over the horizon, you can't see the detail, because its too far away for our eyes to see.

  2. you still haven’t answered the question as to why they lied to us.
    NASA doesn’t need to lie to us to get money.
    why are you so bent on convincing people of this flat earth
    your anger gives you away I don’t even think you believe the words that come out of your mouth

  3. If you can prove to me the Earth is flat, well then good game, getting an aspiring scientist on your side! And the Santa Claus statement you made, the funny thing is that I stopped believing in Santa Claus when I was 7! And again to me it doesn't matter whether or not people believe in a flat or round earth, and if I look from on an airplane and the horizon is still flat well then I'll be a flat earther from then on

  4. FEA, if the Earth is flat like Minecraft, that would be pretty cool, I would kind of be happy because I would be experiencing one of my favourite games! But, I'm a globe earther, and I remember seeing a post from the FES saying: "The Flat Earth Society has members all around the globe", I believe that statement was an honest mistake, but you have to admit that was kind of funny

  5. Hello Jake Gibson,

    Eric Tribis here. We use to be Friends on Facebook until recently when you blocked me. You did so because of a misunderstanding, and I wanted there to be no misunderstanding between us, because it has really been bugging me a lot that you blocked me when I'm actually one of your biggest Fans and supporters.

    You have so many Fans and supporters now, that you most likely don't really even know who I am… I'd be like an after thought to you, you probably talk to so many people and add & block people on a daily, so I doubt you remember me.

    I became a Flat Earther 2 years ago. It all started with a YouTube video I watched by Rob Skiba. After that though, it wasn't long before I found you on YouTube. The first of your videos I watched, was a video called "Flat Earth Popular Questions". After that one, I loved it so much that I subscribed to your channel. I have been a subscriber to your channel for two years now, the entire time I have been a Flat Earther in fact. I have seen every single one of your videos on both your channels and have loved them a lot. I have even watched your YouTube live videos, even though they were extremely long or had no video but just audio. And when we were Facebook Friends, I watched whenever you went live on Facebook!

    As far as your YouTube videos, I've even watched them alongside my wife & kids.

    I used a few of your vids to help teach my eldest stepdaughter about The Flat Earth.

    It was before any of that though, when I saw your vid "Flat Earth Friendship" that I took a chance and Friend Requested you on Facebook. We even talked a little on Messenger. I know you probably don't remember. I told you about how I am a Christian, and that I was a Japanese Anime & Superman fan. I told you how I was glad we were Friends now, and I asked you if you could help on one of my online Flat Earth Facebook debates from time to time because I am always outnumbered on them. You told me that you do argue here and there when you can, but mostly, you have just been posting and promoting your latest video. I talked about how I was watching your videos "Flat Earth Doodle" & "Flat Earth Doodle pt. 2" and how much I liked them, and you were telling me how we can observe The Big Dipper all year round. We talked about your videos "NASA Final Warning", & "Flat Earth Revolution Day", and you told me that they were amongst your top 5 favorite vids of yourself. A fan of yours made either one of those vids or both of those vids for you, and I remember we talked about that. And afterward, I ran by you some theories I had about the Moon not actually having transparency like a lot of Flat Earther's believe… but that maybe it comes through portals built into the Dome: much like how The Book of Enoch describes.

    Now recently, on Facebook, the day you blocked me, it was over some guy who made a Pac Man Meme that had your face on it and was calling you out for believing in "The Pac Man Flat Earth Sun Theory" in which the Sun goes through portals sometimes at one end of the Flat Earth plane and then comes out of another portal that's at the opposite end of the Flat Earth plane REENTERING into the flat earth plane much like pack man reenters the maze by going out on one side and coming back in on the other side. Anyways, some guy was calling you out for believing this, and you explained that you never said you believed this, but are open minded to every Flat Earth Sun theory and don't promote any 1 given theory of how the sun travels above The Flat Earth. But you did say that you don't think that it just circles around endlessly like most Flat Earthers believe it does, because there are discrepancies on how the sun lights up the Flat Earth from month to month; and you shared a few memes to show what you mean.

    Now, I went and explained to you that I believe in the Book of Enoch when it mentions portals that the sun, moon, and stars, all travel in and out of built into the Firmament!… and I took one of your memes, and I made my own meme out of it to show you what I ment. I did the same also for the Pac Man Meme that the one dude made with your face on it.

    It was just to show everyone what I ment; it wasn't to offend you Jake, nor was it to cause you to think that I was on the one dudes side that was spreading the lie that you believe in The Pac Man Theory. I'm not on his side, and I have never made a meme that smears your name! Also, I think you blocked another person falsely… a girl named Brittany Albright just minutes before you blocked me – because you thought that she also was against you! When really, all she was doing was trying to answer my question I asked on the thread, because I wanted to be sure that I understood what the Pac Man Theory was first before I proceeded to give my thoughts on the thread.

    Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I was blocked from your Facebook because of a misunderstanding, and it bothers me. And I hope you will unblock me and be Friends with me on Facebook again. But, even if you don't…

    I will always support The Flat Earth Asshole, and watch and share your vids! Always.

    I love you Man! I look up to you.

  6. Great powerful video, thank you. Just one thing though… you seem to be blaming it all on NASA… but is it NASA really where the globe lie started? What about all the other space agencies, like the RUSSIAN space agency for instance? Sure NASA is the american version of this lie, but are they really the ones who started it? The answer is no!! Hell, we can find images of a globe Earth depicted by the ancient Summerians!!
    My point is: we need to figure out who started this, and we know its not NASA. My guess is the ones who are really behind it are not made of flesh and bones. But thats going a little too far, we shouldnt look for the roots of our problems on methaphysics or anything that is outside of this world. Our problems start here by humans who want to enslave other humans, that we can be sure of.

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