Flat Earth – Waking Up The Youth

In this video I showed up to a popular open mic in Modesto, California and proceeded to show the crowd pictures of the Lunar Module. This crowd was full of snot nose teenagers who have never seen anyone do anything like this in their whole lives, and some of them couldn’t help themselves from making comments and heckling during my presentation. None the less I held my composure and hopefully made an impression on at least a few young minds so that they may find out for themselves that no man has ever walked on the moon and nobody will anytime soon. Anyone who has an open mic nearby I encourage you to go there and spread the word of TRUTH one night. Make sure to tape it and post it as well!

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  1. You’re behavior exhibits symptoms of a mental disorder. It’s not a big deal as long as you don’t end up on a rooftop with a rifle.

    It’s ok to be retarded and alone Jake. No one blames you. You’re still very special and everything will be ok.

  2. Flat Earth Asshole – Lying to The Youth
    Eratosthenes was a Greek scientist who lived from 276 to 194 B.C. He studied astronomy, geography, and math. Eratosthenes is famous for making the first good measurement of the size of the Earth. He spent most of his life in the city of Alexandria in Egypt.

    Eratosthenes was born in 276 B.C. in the city of Cyrene which is in the modern-day country of Libya. He studied for a few years in Athens. Later, he studied and spent most of his adult life in Alexandria. He died in Alexandria in 194 B.C. at the age of 82 years. Some people believe that Eratosthenes starved himself to death on purpose after going blind. He never married.

  3. that one dumb ass yelling in the background ugh I hate people like that. That yell something we know to be true but are being sarcastic. Great job Jake! I myself and gearing up to do similar things you've done like the homeless tweaker shelter shirt and this where you went to an open mic that right there was like a big sign to me that I too should go to an open mic and present my findings. Don't let up Jake new flat earthers are waking up everyday and you have a role in that so please keep up the good work. You've inspired me to go out there and start getting people to THINK!

  4. People laugh but the flat earthers know something. Hey Jake! Check out the paranoids card in the illuminati card deck that's what people outside of freemasonry and order of the eastern star who know what they know are. Why? Because we know how sick and twisted they are without being in the 'clubs' people always mock the truth everyone loves there lies.

  5. flat earth asshole and Eric Dubay are really amazing, pretty sure you two were put here to open our minds.. I'm native American and live in a closed in reserve in Canada. I want to thank you both for showing me that were not made from nothing for nothing.. the government is doing to the world what they have accomplished doing to my people and now my eyes are wide open and my people here will have their's opened too.. thank you again

  6. Look at all the programmed humans some of them will never be awake to the truth no matter what but thank you for continuing to spread the truth you really are a brave person for doing this for all the humans you and eric dubay are both amazing people

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