Flat Earth’s Puzzle In “Assassin’s Creed Origins”

Above Thee Firmament/Dome Is Thee Heavens & You Are In Hell Right Now.

Every Compass Is Pointing To Paradise/Holy Grail/Fountain Of Youth/Mountain Meru. North.

Look Up “Blood Over Intent” Must Feel Natural To YOU. Show Prove Of Life.

At Birth Your Soul (Soul Print) Was Taken Then Sent To The vatican Where Then You Was Given A Number (Social Security) & Now Even The Homeless Need Coin To Drink Clean Waters. Obviously Nature Is Here For Us & Governments Has Stolen Nature From Us & Are Selling Natural Fruit & Vegetables (With Chemicals Now) & Water Back Too Us.

It Is A Insult For Us To Be Paying For Nature. YOUR HOME!


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  1. OMG, you guys are the best! Keep up the great work! Globetards are destroyed! Flat Earth has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt! I guess we are all going to die soon, the sun has magically become smaller and now I feel alot lighter then before. Guess the gravity is gone! Good-bye cruel world……..

  2. When you want to use the bible as proof for anything, you must first prove:
    1. God really exists
    2. That the bible really is the word of god.
    3. The text of the bible was not changed after god gave the text to the people
    4. That what the bible tells us Is really what we can observe. Can you prove these 4 things without using bible texts to prove it? If you can't then don't use the bible as proof for anything!?
    Maybe the observations in these videos will help you: www youtube com/watch?v=oI1c-bqXiNc&list=PLqDuwrU5pixzUdHLVHlyPefzHzA6rt0PI
    Replace the spaces with dots….

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