Florida Hospital Unites w/Scholastic,Sells Pope’s Book,Serves Pepperoni Pizza to Patients,Visitors

Florida Hospital Unites with Scholastic, Sells Pope’s Book, Serves Pepperoni Pizza to Patients & Visitors


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  1. wow…I went to Florida Hospital College (now Adventist University of Health Science) and did clinicals at FH. That is so backwards that FH would do that. The slippery slope of compromise…

  2. If this SDA hospital have you all so confused in there, how much more will they not confuse the world as to what they really believe in. Could not believe the the books that are being sold by that institution. I want to believe that the pepperoni pizza is not the mixture of pork & beef but then again, if it is not, why would they want to label it as pepperoni and say it is not??? Pepperoni is pepperoni, so if it is not, then call it what it is so patients & visitors know what they are eating. That is crazy!!!

  3. I moved to Florida from NYC in 1977; spent some time in Orlando and Miami. FLH had only one campus then with a church on the grounds. Few years later when Disney financed a medical center, the church had to be removed.
    I don't understand why the video policing.

    I have been a heart patient plus other health issues, and I highly respect and commend the staff. What the administration choses to include in other areas, is not my business, because it's not thru' them I'll be admitted to heaven.

    As end time christians we must utilize our time by soul-searching and reaching out to others who do not know the Word. What is there to gain in this 'show and tell' when EG White and the Bible prophesied that these things would take place. As far as I'm concern, many of the established SDA institutions are adorned with "creeping compromises." By calling them out does not help my christianity. Let God deal with them and with his help, help me to walk the straight and narrow path to eternity. Maranatha!!!

  4. Disney books are in the SDA schools too, smh. When I ask why these books are in a supposed Christian environment the staff gets upset that I enquired. Go figure. I've recently decided that they are Christian but not Protestant because they are not protesting against worldliness. Since the pope claims to be Christian also, this co-relation makes sense.

  5. Beef, pork, whatever, we shouldn’t be serving any of it! Many of our churches are bringing meat dishes to our lunches on Sabbath. Pastors and elders I have seen eating chicken. Why are we surprised when we see things like this happening? Maybe because we get hurt, hoping it won’t happen, and then it does!!??

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