For some Catholics, it is Demons that Taunt Priests with Sexual Desire

For some Catholics, it is demons that taunt priests with sexual desire
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  1. That would be because roman catholic priests worship a false non-historical jesus, who is actually a spirit of darkness.
    If they bothered to read the Creator's Word, they would discover that the historical Jesus is all necessary and is all sufficient for their salvation from eternal hell. They would discover also that the historical Mary confessed to Jesus that she required a saviour from her sins!

  2. O please!!!! People who are not religious can reject the whispers that tempt humanity. It is a weak man that blames another for his lack of integrity and faith instead of fighting for the truth about perverse behavior habits. Get out of your house and get in touch with the one who’s guiding you to perfection! Till then you are a snotty nose immature child useless to the calling!!

  3. This goes back to the late 1920s and the efforts of Stalin to infiltrate the Catholic Church. It was evidenced by congressional testimony of communist agent Bella Dodd. She admitted to placing many homosexuals and other unsavory men in seminaries

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