23 Replies to “Forbes – Africa Top 40 Stars – No 20 Congo – Koffi Olomide – Soupou – Copyright Claim by Wizdeo”

  1. Big ass small brains.
    Mrs Reflechissez deux seconde avant de faire couler votre bave gluante devant ce gros derriere. Ces clips nous vendent du pret a penser.
    Can you handle such ass ? Pouvez gerer un cul pareil ? En avez vous les moyens financiers.?
    ne prefferiez vous pas une femme avec qui contruire un foyer plutot qu'une qui vous cree des soucis 24/7 ?
    L'homme du 21 siecle. l'homme nouveau. Montront a ces femmes de quoi nous sommes capables.

  2. Omg I'm so confused I just saw a video on video it's called Kony2012 is bullshit and the woman is from Uganda and her family is in Uganda and her dad said Kony is dead this is very alarming. Everyone I think this whole Kony 2012 is a wake up to the world that the world is becoming worse every year like what the guy in the yellow shirt said okay this violence and terror is not only in Uganda and Congo it's in the whole world. This is a huge wake up call from god that the world is getting worse i

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