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  1. If they come here legally, I agree.  The problem is that we can't have open borders and generous welfare policies, especially when people come here expressly to take advantage of those policies.  It's logistically not sustainable.  What Father Martin might want to consider is petitioning the countries these illegal aliens are fleeing to take better care of their people.

  2. James Martin it totally disingenuous to go to Moses because there are verse of killing that DO NOT apply to today so cherry picking for you on cause is WRONG. Jesus would not tell us to take in dangerous pepople since we don't have a adquate screening process also I see you are sayer and not doer ………typical Pharisee

  3. Respectfully… You're wrong. That is a misapplication of scripture. For starters Jesus is talking to individuals on a personal level not to governments. Note the word "you" in the scripture. Also we do welcome immigrants that enter LEGALLY. ILLEGAL=consequences=parents choice.

  4. Thank you, Fr. Martin for saying what more clergy and religious leaders should step up to say! So far, I've only seen you and Rev. Dr. William Barber stand up for what is right, as demonstrated by the life, words, and examples of Jesus Christ. The evangelical right seems to have sold their souls to the devil to promote single-issue politics and curry favor with the deeply immoral 45th president. From one Christian to the another, THANK YOU!

  5. The US turned away Jews fleeing Nazi Germany, thinking they were fifth columnists or communists.
    Anne Frank's father was turned down for a US visa twice and was forced to flee to the Netherlands, who lost 90% of their Jewish population during WWII.

    We've been here before and turning away refugees never ages well.

  6. Hypocritical to publish this after Trump was elected and not during Obama's admin when 2 million persons were deported and by the way the recent pictures of children were from his admin. the US under all admins has had large legal immigration which is good. this video, however, suggests that there should be no border controls, no understanding for whom is coming in by the millions. the US is a very generous country but it is ridiculous to suggest that millions should come in every year forever. I know the church idealizes poverty but come on, letting the population rise without any controls will lead to poverty and ecological destruction. An economically sapped US will not only harm Americans but will rob the world of the only country with the wealth, strength and moral power to bring so many out of poverty and to provide security and stabilization. Imagine a world where the US is just one of many countries, evil and totalitarianism and darkness would spread without any counterweight.

  7. This is gross. I don't know if you know what you are saying is misleading and you are using the bible as political tool. Or if you truly believe this. Either way it is gross how you are using the Holy word of God. You are so blinded by your political agenda that you fail to realize you are the modern day equivalent to the Pharisees. The ones that wanted Jesus to be the King that came riding a horse and bearing a sword, dismantling Empires and slaying evil rulers. Jesus' message was never about fighting those in charge and leading political revolutions despite that being what the Jewish people wanted. The New Testament and Jesus' ministry was about changing culture by changing the hearts of the individuals. Not the other way around. It will never work the other way. His ministry is about doing all you can personally to help those in need. Not voting a certain or supporting certain policies so that you can feel good when you in reality did nothing. Christ followers, as individuals, are called to be the hands and feet of God, not the government.

  8. It also say not to kill. This is what the American gov't and allies have been doing. Destroying people in the middle east and creating refugees to flood them into Europe. Islamifying former Christian nations. What thanks do the migrants give? Raping, molesting, terrorizing, and murdering the people that took them in.

  9. Fr. Martin, how come that you are quoting from the Holy Bible when it comes to this subject, but on some other subjects you say that we should not read the same Bible literally as Catholics. Personally, I find that interesting. Hope you can clarify that.

  10. What does the Bible teach about the sin of homosexuality that you enthusiastically endorse? Your credibility in teaching orthodox and authentic Catholic doctrine is highly suspect "father." A good refresher in Veritatis Splendor, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church might be in order. We all know how Jesuits can forget they are first Catholics from time to time.

  11. in your own homes dont you lock your doors or do you leave it open and allow people to come in and do whatever they want? we have to help refugees and welcome foreigners definitely but we need to provide security to the public. that is the key — providing a balance here. what people are asking for now is just open the borders and let everyone in! there are asylum laws and processes to help those that are running away from life threatening circumstances. also you should help cut through the BS coming from social media. illegal immigrants are being deported, not LEGAL immigrants. please stop using the word immigrants when referring to illegals. legal immigrants follow the law! and the US needs legal immigrants! there are procedures for businesses to hire people from overseas when labor is lacking.

  12. I deeply appreciate Fr. Martin's compassionate motives. However, what Fr. Martin fails to understand is the reality of what is going on. The non-partisan Center for Immigration Studies revealed that there were more than 70 terrorists, that's right, SEVENTY terrorists from the seven banned Muslim countries since 9/11. ISIS itself claims that they smuggle in terrorists through refugees. Fr. Martin is truly clueless regarding the threat to this country that exist. Our President, however, is not. Thank you Almighty God for President Trump.

  13. What you fail to say is that there is a responsibility of the immigrant, refugee to assimilate into society and to be a good guest in a country you are not from.642,000 thousand felony crimes committed by refugees and immigrants in the state of Texas alone. These crimes are theft, rape, murder,gun violation,drug dealing, prostitution.Many families are destroyed by this crime and they seem to be the forgotten victim.This country helps and has helped millions but the fact is the country has every right to weed out evil people and remove them.

  14. The situation is not the same now. True, some are fleeing persecution. others are looking for economic opportunities. But there are those who come under the impression of being a refugee, whose only intentions are to do deadly harm. Hopefully the goodness of those who welcome that person, might change the persons mind.

  15. Father, very, very good! Thank you. I was reminded as you spoke, of another lesson where the Bible tells us why we need to care for migrants, refugees and foreigners. The man with the withered hand in the Gospel in Matthew 12:9 "He said to them, "If any of you has a sheep and it falls into a pit on the Sabbath, will you not take hold of it and lift it out? How much more valuable is a man than a sheep! Therefore it is lawful to do good on the Sabbath." Then he said to the man, "Stretch out your hand." " Your talk made me think of the argument against helping people because they broke the law coming here. Perhaps using the law as an excuse to refuse mercy, is akin to the pharisees and scribes needling Our Lord not to help. Thanks again

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