Fr. James Martin’s LGBT Ministry

Matt Fradd and Dan Mattson discuss Fr. James Martin, his new book , Building A Bridge, and challenge him to teach clearly what the Catholic Church has always taught on homosexual acts.


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  1. One Mass I was shocked to hear the lector lead us in prayer "for the LGBT community, that they and their families find the support they need…" Nothing about a holy and chaste life, though! So I emailed the parish, asking who came up with that prayer, and the parish priest answered me, saying he composed it and recommending to me Fr. Martin's book! I provided evidence from interviews and reviews that the man is a snake-in respectful terms, of course-and rather than respond to my proofs this priest expressed sorrow that I have a "narrow" view on the issue and ended the correspondence. Can we please have a petition to out Fr. Martin as a heretic?

  2. Hery is the way I see it, the priest acts as the father to the congregation, and wedded to the church. The church has always been portrayed in the feminine. The priests relationship to the church is intrensically a hetrosexual union. Priests should not be gay as gay priests cannot fulfill that role. Do not orgain gay men to the priesthood. Enforce and teach the moral doctrine of the church, but treat the individual pastrolly and move on.

  3. Plane and Simple. The devil likes confusion of evil and good the gray area which is the middle , and it seems people dislike fr Martin message at least from the faithful side because they cannot see with clarity. That's exactly what the devil likes because people cannot distinguish from what's good and what's evil . I believe Venerable Fulton J Sheen said once The Sin of the Century is not knowing what is Sin ,so no surprise in this LGBT topic , and not just in this topic in other areas of the church teaching of morality . Jesus – in the Gospel of the Sermon of the mount said Matthew 7:16 “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. 16 You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles? 17 Even so,every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.20 Therefore by their fruits you will know them. – My opinion may God help us bring home more sinners into the church but with his truth.

  4. I really like how Dan Mattson here presents Fr. Martin in a positive but corrective way and presents the full argument in Love and Compassion – instead of just bashing Fr. Martin in the brutish way so many Catholics manage to convey.

  5. I reverted to my childhood faith by the grace offered by Our Lady of the rosery and delivered by our blessed Lord. After 30 years of pagan lifestyle of greed , selfishness , alcohol, womanizing and debauchery. Guess I was choosing the wrong sins all along. If I'd have been interested in sodomy and pedophilia instead I could have just claimed to be Catholic and pretended everything was ok.

  6. Think about this for one second. The essence of Martin's gospel is that homosexuality is not a sin and not objectively disordered, and after becoming famous for this error then he gets a promotion by Francis to Vatican Department of Communications. The rot in the hierarchy is evident…. As a faithful Catholic this is disheartening…

  7. James Martin is a devil. He needs to be excommunicated now!!! He's also homosexual. And what gay marriage to be legitimized. He is a demon who is taking many to hell with him. Any Priest that allows James Martin to talk at their parish is complicit with evil. Any parishioner who attends James Martins talks is on the road to damnation. He is a wolf in sheeps clothing. He should be excommunicated and never spoken of again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Jesus forgave the adultress that was about to be stoned, he did not condone her sin, he told her to sin no more!! With Jesus we do not need the pleasures of sin, this Father Martin has hidden Agendas and is confusing our youth on morals issues of what's right and wrong…..A priest should represent our church and its teachings, this Father has no authority to challenge, he should follow it. If he doesn't agree he has free will to leave and not lead others astray.

  9. If you want to go to HELL then join Satan's agent Martin. He is misleading souls . A sodomite is a Sodomite is a Sodomite. Why can't you people remember Sodom and Gomorrah. Be straight to the problem. It is the sins of the flesh that leads most souls to HELL. You can't fool God, you fools.
    You're all bunch of cowards succumbing to human respect and trying to be nice using flowery words. Tell those nice words to Satan when you meet him.
    YOU titled your program, "A challenge to James Martin". You did not challenge him. . You just kept mumbling and trying to be nice to your program listeners while very carefully citing Jamies crap.
    Hey jimmy martini, you're Satan's best agent in North America or maybe on earth. Clap your hands then kiss your boyfriend.

  10. What comes to mind for me is that most of my life (even in childhood) I've heard that Catholics don't know what the Catholic Church really teaches, because the hierarchy won't tell us. What those people are trying to do is sow doubt and suspicion. But Fr. James Martin doesn't seem to me to be someone who assuages that doubt and suspicion, because it seems like he's trying to lure people into a trap of believing they can keep doing what they're doing — even though everyone knows it contradicts Church teaching — and when the trap is sprung it'll be too late. He seems to suggest that the Church will change her teaching through evolution. I started following him on Twitter without knowing anything about him, and before I heard any "webtalk" from people who hate Vatican II, so my impressions were formed before this controversy. Just a few years ago I was still learning about the reasons for the Church's teachings on marriage and chastity (and reserving my opinion), but the things he was tweeting seemed "off." It just reminded me of the accusations and false claims I grew up with, about the clerics hiding real Church teaching from us.

  11. hes effeminate heart of love = bleeding heart protetantism
    girlie soft sentimental
    and he will not enter heaven

    1 cor 6-9
    malakoi boys – original greek word

    he needs to MAN UP!!!

    hes a book vendor

    hes commercialising Christ- rgggggggggggggh

  12. fr willie doyle holy jesuit- martyr and undeclared saint- how? as you cant die for the faith and not be a saint

    joke- with a jag

    whats the difference between a
    holy jesuit and an
    unholy jesuit?

    one is called fr willie
    and the other is playing with his


    tiocfaidh our lady
    agus eireann go braith

  13. "LGBT" is a propaganda term used by those who wish to undermine the teaching of the Church. No Catholic should use them and they should never be validated by the Church in documents of any kind. Maybe it's not 'tolerant' but we are to be intolerant of this nonsense.

  14. Despite his appearance, Fr. Martin is as cynical as they come. This is why: He's aware that for an act to be mortally sinful, the actor must know the act is seriously wrong. Solution: Fr. Martin leads homosexuals to believe that homosexuality is not seriously wrong; ergo, no mortal sin. Instead of saying "Go, and sin no more," he says, "Go. I love you, and so does Jesus." This is not the full message of Christ, but it accomplishes what Fr. Martin wants (or so he thinks). At the cost of souls, because Catholics are held to know the serious wrongness of gay sex, regardless of what Fr. Martin says.

  15. Oh good Lord! All of your hemming and hawing about this book, Mr Mattson , is a joke. Martin is a HERETIC, period! He seeks to normalize sodomy by claiming that people can be 'born' so-called 'gay'. To even suggest that God actively creates, deliberately brings into existence a disordered sexuality is reprehensible. Then to add to that and suggest or leave open to easy interpretation that the Almighty 'likes' it or 'loves' the disorder is downright malicious. There is no 'gay' gene, never has, never will. The real purpose of this book is to advocate for a relaxation of the Church’s teaching that sodomy is gravely immoral and that any attraction to commit acts of sodomy is a temptation from the Devil himself. Martin puts forth the notion that the Church, which IS GOD, has misunderstood His own plan for human sexuality for her entire history. And what exactly is this so-called 'LGBT" community? Is this, in fact, a community? Not really.

    This is a lumping together of those who reject the natural order of human sexuality in different ways, and who thus share a common interest in seeing that laws and societal norms and customs that support that natural order be proscribed. That book is trash, nothing more.

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