18 Replies to “Francis appointed bishop touts women’s ordination”

  1. Charles , is one of the words in Prayer( an Awesome Prayer, Love it! Perfectly fitting for all ways, especially now) mixed up?
    Where it says: can neither be deceived, nor ' decieve'……it seems to repeat : cannot be deceived nor be deceived…….?
    Thank You for putting this Prayer.
    I wish when I'm driving, that it was being said, that I could listen and Pray along while driving.
    So I had to pull over to read along and say the Prayer!…..lol

  2. Women have a wonderful and beautiful role in our society in the healthy formation of children and Grandchildren – and in many caring and instructive roles. In turn women have Our Lady the Queen of Heaven as a special role model and guide. There are many jobs that ONLY WOMEN can do properly.
    The Pagan role of a high priestess was discontinued MANY years ago for very good reason.
    No doubt the modernists – in their enthusiasm to destroy every aspect of civilization and turn us back into unthinking wild animals – will be delighted to re-introduce this heresy.

  3. Charles, I was disturbed to hear from you your hesitation on this subject…you want to head for an all out confusing mish mash in Holy Mother Church…just go that way. Remember that st Theresa of Lisieux felt, among others, that desire to be a priest…and yet came to understand that her desire to be prophet, martyr, priest, missionary, etc…were the manifestation of her very high vocation to be the 'Love' in the heart of the church which is the driving force behind these vocations…as she said, it must be made known that Mary can be imitated, that she is more Mother than Queen…what a sublime vocation Mother Church has bestowed upon her daughters…If we could just stop and meditate upon this…now !!

  4. No to ordination for women…this 'desire' is in itself a form of clericalism…as a state lofty and superior, provoking a covetousness incompatible with the spirit of truth…Let us learn to meditate upon and contemplate the Holy Family, the chaste love evoking that of the Holy Trinity…we'd learn to understand the beauty of God's project. Women priests…oh no, please. Let's contemplate with Mary, urgent !!

  5. I suppose if they started ordaining women their title would be Mother. Mother Soandso.
    Then they;d move up in the ranks to bishop, cardinal and even pope. But pope is masculine word, so if she were a female pope like person, they'd have to use the word Mama or something as her title.

  6. Are we going to go down that blind alley? For goodness sake, the priesthood will then become a recruiting forum for lesbians . Confessing before a woman priest? Isn't it heart wrenching enough that Catholics are receiving sacraments from sodomites.

  7. Another new mass and women’s ordination? What a year .The Church is looking as stupid and theology defunct as the Church of England from the 1960s to current times . The new Theology off Bishops like him and his boss Francis is going to do so much arm to souls.
    Charles the current crisis should be dealt with but it not happening. My faith is slowly slipping away. I need prayers. Francis and his team are doing more harm than Martin Luthier

  8. Of course they are going to start touting women ordinations..they are running out of male priests…and without clergy, there is no mass and without masses, there is no collection boxes and without collection boxes there is no $$$$$$$….

    And it is less likely women will sexual abuse seminarians and children. …like the good ole boys have done for decades…

  9. Vatican ll is a protestant man centered new mass and religion. Saint Pope Pious X warned us all about modernism and this is Vatican ll. We have the evils of communion in the hand, altar girls, a new rosary and religious liberty from theses modernists. Our Blessed Mother warned us about priests being a cesspool of impurity. Homosexuality is widespread in this Vatican ll church and this sin cries out for vengeance from Heaven. Seek out a Traditional Priest that still take the oath against modernism and Vatican ll. On YouTube find "What Catholics Believe" to hear the truth from a Holy Priest.

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