Episode 5233 – Francis The Jesuit Pope aka Jorge Mario Bergoglio & worship of the snake

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16 Replies to “Francis The Jesuit Pope aka Jorge Mario Bergoglio & worship of the snake”

  1. The bottom line is read the bible yourself PRAY PRAY PRAY ask our Farther in heaven for a new heart open our eyes ears. Ask Jesus to come into you & try to live & love like him. Ask him thank him for his sacrife & mean it in your heart tell him all you are feeling. Turn from sin repent allow the Holy Spirit to guied you the right way. Always remember Gods word is the same yesterday today tomorow he doesn't change. Armor your self be strong with truth righteousness prepared with gospel have peace Faith Love always remember Ephesians 6:10-18 No need for bashing others belive in Gods law abide obey him & pray for our Lord & savior Jesus Christ will conquer all For He will be our God & we his people. I WILL say im horrified at that building & that so called art work you are talking about its scary & demonic WOW ITS ALL COMING TO A HEAD THATS BLASPHEMY IN MY EYES THESE PEOPLE NEED TO REPENT Thank you for bringing to our attn.

  2. I watched when Tony Palmer addressed Kenneth Copeland's congregation and if you have seen the emblem that's on the back wall, it's eerie. What concerns me about most pastors and preachers that they do not understand how evil this pope is and by their words they have fallen for his sheepskin disguise.

  3. 34:00 WRONG. It was formed by Hebrews. Jews had NOTHING to do w/ it. LKearn the difference between Jews, Judeans and Judahites. Stop relying on the English language versions of the Bible@ GO TO THE ORIGINAL TEXTS and while you're at it, fiund me the original word for 'gentile'. You need to disabuse yourself of this deception that Jews are Judahites when the very root of the word is EDOM. They were the enemy of the Hebrew Israelites and Judahites, the race of Jesus Christ. READ THE GOSPELS BY REFERENCE TO THE ORIGINAL SCRIPTURE

  4. Thank you . Great show. I am interceding on behalf of those being decieved. I ask you Father to break the bands of mind control, and set the captives free. I pray that you send out your servants (workers in the field) and I pray that you raise up more servants unto you to go out and do your will. I ask all of this in the name of Jesus the Messiah, and by the blood atonement you shed at Calvary.

  5. "The Serpent was more subtle and crafty than any other beast in the field" Shannon look into Kleck's "Case against Lucifer" for all the cryptology in the Basilica, and the abode of the Dragon King and largest alter in the world tribute to serpent killing sheep. Anna Mendez had done some warfare in the spirit in Rome I think late nineties and "Peter's Statue is Abbadon over the pit holding the keys" and Germany were the Temple of Zues is resting along with 7 other ancient strongholds of power.

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