This video goes into the true meaning of Friday the 13th and it’s connections to some of the most Satanic Secret Societies as the Knights of Templar,Freemasons,Jesuits,Natzi and the Illuminati and learn how they are all connected to the NEW WORLD ORDER take hence the attack on Paris on November Friday the 13th 2015 11/13 this is a must see video for anyone who wants to lean the truth of this world!

Again everyone this is a quick summery of the Knights of Templar they have a ton of history please do your own research more on this wicked Society which is linked to the Masons who at the top worship Lucifer and are hell bent on a Satanic New World Order!

911 War on Terror Fraud – Aaron Russo /

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  1. The Knights Templars NEVER got killed or/and burned!! Their cross can be seen everywhere slightly altered and sometimes rotated 45 degrees and blended with Another color…Swizerland is their "castle" where you can story your wealth, turn gold into fiat paper Money etc etc!!!As usual to hide the truth in layers of lies in the rewritten history, the enormous wealth and Power they got would make them forever known and could thus not work in the background in secret!So what better way to disappear then to be killed in our history books!!Then mark their work, Power, controlled regions etc with their red and White cross in various altered forms!!!Their secrets and wealth was never found because they still have it!!Bu the way, our history in general is a mess of BS!!

  2. The Bible says these things will happen. Deal with it, if you're scared you obviously need to be. I have a title in an Order only 1 can have. You'll never know the answers until my prophecy is fulfilled. Judge not lest ye be judged. We only have control over ourselves. There's only one God, One Son. You'll be surprised when it's the end game.

  3. I cant say if everything exposed in this video above is true or not.. but i can tell u that from the first bits of the after interview coming out soon.. they are at a point talking about the shooters entering the backstage (Dress rooms i guess) and in a room with the band, and others they have killed one by one all the others… how did this guy know who was from the band and who not?? i hope they will ask them some serious questions.. only got a bit of it…

  4. It's not the Knights OF Templar but just Knights Templar. And contrary to popular belief they are NOT the NWO. Sorry to burst your bubble. Don't tell me people still believe these false accusations of them whorshipping the devil?? OMG That was a smearcampaign some 800 years ago invented by the corrupted french king Filip Le Belle who wanted their wealth and wanted to get rid of them. Please don't fall for this false info. They have nothing to do with satanism and the NWO. The Knights Templar are a very spiritual and alchemical order to this day who want the best for mankind. All the rest are just lies spread on the internet invented by the real (would-be) NWO to divert attention from themselves: namely Zionism!

  5. Regarding Al Aqsa in Palestine pertaining to Knights Templar… this is also the reason why the Zionists are secretly digging underneath it, and their goal is to destroy it because they believe that their messiah (anti christ/dajjal) can not return unless they build a new temple in its place. Also one of the reasons why Palestine is so important to the illuminati and zionists who are part of it all as are wahhabis. Remembering here that zionists have hijacked Judaism just as wahhabis have hijacked Islam… they are all pawns in the illuminati game.

  6. this guy is twisting the history  crusaders were first to take over Palestine and massacre innocence people in the name of the cross! When Muslims defeated the crusaders under Muslims rule ,Jew and Christian were safe to travel and worship freely! read your history!

  7. Yeah until it happens to you, then it is real, you might as well study Quantum Physics. Are we really here? am I really standing here. So where the fuck did the victims of these situations go?  Tell the men and women that stood at Ground Zero that 9-11 event didn't happen. You kind of people are the reason why we are losing the war on terrorism, in denial as usual.  I don't say the government don't lie and cover up shit, but when it is you loved one that died from the situation, well that's kind of hard to believe, also where the hell did they put the world trade center buildings? last I remember they were not there when I went to New York, god damn, was it David Blaine? that is one hell of a magic trick.

  8. so if the illuminati were supposedly getting back for the massacre of Knights Templar whenever that was in the middle ages (hold a grudge much?) then it means the band would have been in cahoots with it, because have you seen all the illuminati and satanic symbolism this band puts out? so that's why none of the band members were killed, so that could be used as proof (the fact no band members were killed), and it would mean this band rounded up their own fans in a concert to be massacred… i guess that's why it's called death metal?

  9. nobody died, they do this all the time, nobody died on 9-11 either… they do it like a movie, people believe whatever's on cnn or fox without using their brain to think things thru… it's sad, but i don't see it ever changing. people are sheep…

  10. You're wrong. The Catholic church admitted that the heresies attributed to the Knights Templar were a farce. It was all staged to give King Philip ultimate power and establish a "royal theocracy" since France was the power behind the throne of the Catholic church. Freemasons and Catholics have historically been against each other. However, the Jesuits have infiltrated masonry and once again slandered their name in recent times to hide their crimes using misdirection. Also, Freemasonry is in no way Satanic, that's absurd. I am Mason… they do believe in Luciferian Doctrine, but Lucifer is NOT Satan. That is just a modern misnomer and a completely separate conspiracy.

  11. I really liked this video but you kept calling them the Knights "of" Templar. They were the Knights Templar. All the texts you were showing said Knights Templar and you still called them the Knights of Templar. Good video though.

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