Gabrielle Chana’s Academy Award/Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech (


I covet the prayers of all Bible believing Christians for myself and the men on my marriage list: Brent Spiner, Vladimir Putin, Matthew McConaughey, Gerard Butler, Hugh Jackman, among others. Go to my website to get intelligent information about how to pray for us. God is the One who must win this war. Thanks, in advance, for your prayers. Gail Chord Schuler

Because I deal with subjects not well known and censored from the mainstream media, much of what I say here seems sensational, delusional, and hard to believe. I’m currently working on my memoir Catherine of King David that will deal with this subject with more intelligence and depth. It will take me years to finish this memoir, because I strive to write it at professional writing level, which is how I wrote my first novel Silver Skies (published through Amazon Kindle). Please be assured that my novel Silver Skies is NOTHING like this video. I studied over 100 books about the writing craft as I wrote Silver Skies, and put what I learned into my first novel. Honestly, when I view this video, I can understand why some people may think I’m crazy. But when I view my novel Silver Skies on Amazon Kindle, it comes across as a professionally written book, well thought out with logic and emotional resonance. I created this video in about an hour, but the subject I deal with here really requires more than a ten minute video. But I put seventeen years of work into my novel Silver Skies and it shows.

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The forbidden movie version of Silver Skies stars Matthew McConaughey as the Silver Skies’s lead character Dor Ben Habakkuk. Here is my acceptance speech for my 2011 Academy Award for the Best Motion Picture of All Time and for my Nobel Prizes in Medicine and Literature for the greatest contributions made in medicine and literature in the past century. Both Matthew McConaughey and Hugh Jackman were presenters during the main Oscar ceremony (Feb. 27, 2011), because they would be given their Oscars (for their roles in movies made from my writings) right after the main ceremony on February 27th. Jesuits retaliated against Matthew McConaughey by making him too sick to go to the red carpet (right before the main ceremony), so that his clone ended up there with Camila Alves. However, we managed to get Matthew back to health in time to make it to the Oscar presentations, so that he was able to make his presentations and be there to accept his Oscar after the main ceremony (Feb. 27, 2011). Excuse my appearance and voice, but I was on the tail end of a horrible bronchitis (that the Jesuits gave me) when I made this speech. For more about my life, visit my website at


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